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A large blade
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The Shroom of the Shattered Mirror Universe is a calm but strong member of a gang that also consists of Zev, Namah, Moss, Yuuka, and Vi.



This Shroom has an ash-gray complexion and black hair, his dreadlocks tied back in a ponytail. He wears a tuxedo, perfect except for its sleeves ripped off at the shoulders - Displaying his ridiculously muscular arms. Tattooed on his right arm's bicep is a flaming skull with the words 'MALA SUERTE' clutched between its teeth, while his left arm is plated in solid black mechanical armor. Finally, on both hands he wears some kind of fingerless gloves, and some kind of forearm-length blade is strapped horizontally across his lower back. He has a forearm-length blade strapped horizontally across his lower back.


Normally calm and sedate, the counterpart of Shroom from the Shattered Mirror Universe is plagued by the duty of being the only sane man of his group; his Zev is a babbling psychopath, his Moss is a blood knight, his Namah is a childish, spoiled princess, his Yuuka is dangerously close to a bird of prey, and his Vi is a quiet, exceedingly creepy woman. However, he cares deeply about his group, and is incredibly driven to help the Zev and Vi of his Universe return to their normal states. He appreciates jazz music and calmness, and likes to train and drink soda. He does not drink alcohol or smoke, and he hates bickering.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Highly Agile: This Shroom was so swift that he had drawn his blade and placed it to his Namah's throat before she had even finished taunting their Moss.
  • Shapeshifting: Although any other forms are unknown, the Shattered Mirror Shroom can freely shift into and out of the form of a gigantic falcon, the size of a warrior's chariot.


- "I was almost killed by a dude with a shovel today. Twice. My shift's over." (Explaining why he wouldn't yet be testing the beltbuckle given to him by the Simon Famiglia.)


  • This Shroom rarely, but occasionally uses Spanish phrases - This mainly serves as a warning that he's had enough of his companions' antics, and is putting a stop to them.