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Moss is a strange female being who waited on an unnamed forest planet for around two years of her life. She wears clothes made of dead plantlife, using her bind spell. She was accused of stealing Shroom's style, meaning that Shroom was affiliated with Moss before she was stranded on the planet. Moss obviously liked Shroom's style, because she decided to steal it. Her full name is Chlorophyll, but like how she calls Shroom "Shroom", he calls Chlorophyll "Moss".



Chlorophyll wears a pair of shorts and a top weaved from plants and roots, using her bind spell. She wears a hat made of a mushroom cap, this is what probably most annoys Shroom and his style. She has long red hair and gold eyes, they both shine and twinkle beneath the strange light of the mushroom cap, and she is said to have a cute but evil appearance, having a cute face, but razor sharp teeth, and a good figure. Obviously, Shroom seems to fancy her.


Moss's history before her introduction in BZPB is apparently not a pleasant one. Unfortunately, User:Shroom never got the chance to expand on it.


Moss seems to have a disturbingly large amount of knives tucked into her makeshift vine belt, next to her pouch full of coins. She has a small book binded to her back with vines which she uses to learn hand spells.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Chlorophyll already seems to have an extreme skill in gymnastics, but there is more. She has a small number of magical coins, of which only people from a certain place can harness, implying that Shroom and Chlorophyll came from the same place of birth.

These coins give Chlorophyll abilities - Very powerful abilities. The two coins she is known to have and use are the coins BIND and CUT, but she most probably has more. She is always nagging Shroom to give her more coins, using her persuasive voice.