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The Glashan are a mysterious race that have an unexplained attraction to the Keruvim.


The exact origins and intentions of the Glashan are unknown, but some claim that they created the Keruvim itself.[1]

At some point, a group of Glashan attempted to steal the Keruvim, which meant that Perseus (a Knight of the Keruvim) had to leave the planet that he was stationed on. The Glashan later succeeded in a second attempt to steal the Keruvim: after retrieving the artifact, they placed it in a temple in space for a now-forgotten reason. The Keruvim was later recovered and hidden again by the Knights of the Keruvim.[2]

The Glashan were one of the various alien races that allied themselves with the Order of the Great Beings and fought on their behalf in the Battle of Mordor. However, details of their participation in the battle have not been specified.[3]

Their current whereabouts and activities are unknown.


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  • The Glashan originate from the novel Shadowmancer by G.P. Taylor.

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