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Several guns and bowie knives
Home Reality

Scinter is an ally of Zev's specializing in weaponry and machinery.


Scinter specializes in guns, and is an avid inventor; many of his guns are homemade, and he had put together a personal teleporter that was able to piggyback on 553's nearby teleportation to get to Zev.

Scinter doesn't seem to be much of a 'people-person', and has yet to be seen handling a situation without violence. However, he is definitely powerful, as he hasn't even revealed any special abilities and was yet able to take on several zombies, a giant Nightmare, and even Caiaphus himself with just his personal weapons. Also, his rather... interesting sense of humor should be noted. It would appear when he doesn't try to fight his way out of things, Scinter has a healthy bit of dry/dark humor. Finally, Scinter seems almost fearless, as he was quick to attack Caiaphus without warning - twice - and he made a thinly veiled threat to Zev, of all people. Something telling about Scinter's power level and dangerous nature is that Zev seems hesitant to start a fight with him, and when stationed at one of Zev's bases, there are apparently special rules that Scinter has to follow for the safety of himself and others.


Scinter has shown up twice, once to help 553 and then to take on Caiaphus, the second time dispatching a few Nightmares that were attacking one of Zev's bases.

He later boarded the Wigwam and was assigned to give Ynot's crew any assistance he could offer.


  • Scinter is not allowed to have coffee, alcohol, or soda while he is at a populated base.
  • Under no circumstances can Scinter be left alone and unsupervised at a base.
  • It is unknown how Scinter got the neckbrace, but he seems pretty touchy about it.
  • Scinter could be described as a cross between Mayuri Kurotsuchi and R. Lee Ermey, but even that wouldn't fit quite perfectly...
  • Scinter's favorite food is pickled fish; his least favorite is onion or garlic of any kind.

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