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Toa of Fire[2]
553's twin (deceased)
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This article is about the Toa of Fire turned terrorist. For the User of the same name who created 553, see User 553.

553 was a Toa of Fire who F-Blackout assigned to commit terrorist attacks in the past to annoy F-Klak.


Early Life[edit]

553's earliest appearances were deleted in the Great Dataclysm, so details about his origins and much of his activities in this period are scarce. The only surviving tidbits of information from this era state that he had an evil twin,[3] Ynot saved him from a now-forgotten threat,[4] Genetoes told him to stick with him if he wanted to survive,[5] and that Scinter once helped him somehow. 553 was teleported to Zev Raregroove's location following the latter event, so Scinter used a makeshift device to piggyback on the teleport to get to Zev too.[6]

553 disappeared when Nadle teleported him to an alternate universe, but this was not the end for him...[3]

Terrorists of the Future[edit]

At some point, 553 was recovered by F-Blackout and kept in stasis in the far future.[7] F-Blackout released him and sent him to 150,082 CMT to seek out Shadow Blade and Rahn and assist them in their mission to commit terrorist attacks in the past.[8] 553 appeared on an unidentified planet[2] and killed a civilian in order to steal his ship, which he then used to leave the planet and search the cosmos for Shadow Blade and Rahn.[9] In 150,083 CMT, approximately one whole year later, 553 found Rahn and Julio in the Batcave on Malchior IV.[10] Rahn recognized 553 and asked how he could still be alive,[11] so 553 informed him that he did not die; 553 was merely "lost" until F-Blackout found him and made him realize his mistakes. 553 added that he had been sent to help Rahn and the others.[12]

Raid on the NSA[edit]

Once the wannabe terrorists had finished playing with the Batcave's music room, Rahn suggested that their next mission should be to throw toilet rolls at a politician's house;[13] 553 agreed, but only as long as the toilet rolls were on fire.[14] The terrorists left the Batcave (but not without reversing into a table first)[15] in the Batmobile and arrived at a house where the government ran their surveillance operations. 553 fired at the house's windows with a machine gun,[16] but the windows repaired themselves.[17] 553 fired at another window anyway,[18] but stopped to headbutt a soldier that stepped in front of Rahn and Julio.[19] 553 proceeded into the house and shot it up,[20] but spared a few employees and ordered Shadow Blade to tie them up.[21] One of the remaining employees then revealed themselves to be One-Punch Man and punched Rahn through a wall,[22] so 553 kicked One-Punch Man in the shin,[23] which crippled him so much that he was sucked into a plothole.[24] 553 then went back to putting sacks over the restrained employees' heads, but was interrupted again by the appearance of Frenzy, who ran into the room screaming incoherently.[25] 553 figured out that Frenzy wanted to give them the data that the spies had collected,[26] including the personal information of countless Malchiorian citizens.[27]

As the terrorists talked to Frenzy, Aster leaped out from her hiding place and shot at them, narrowly missing 553.[28] 553 tackled Lt. Manning, who had arrived with Aster,[29] but Manning pinned 553 to the ground.[30] Aster and Manning had the terrorists at gunpoint, so 553 announced their surrender.[31] Julio wondered aloud how he would get revenge on Klak now that he was about to be arrested, so Lt. Manning informed Julio that Klak had disappeared and was thought to be dead.[32] 553 kicked his gun over to Manning, but Frenzy surprised everyone by shooting razor discs that ricocheted around the room and forced Aster and Manning to scramble for cover, so the terrorists took the opportunity to return fire.[33] Rahn and Julio began to retreat,[34] so 553 and Shadow Blade followed them into the Batmobile and escaped. 553 expressed his dissatisfaction with the quality of their performance and suggested that they train more.[35]

Malchior's Most Wanted[edit]

The terrorists returned to the Batcave and discussed Manning's revelation that Klak could be dead.[36] Shadow Blade dismissed this possibility due to F-Klak's existence, but 553 commented that he found it "hard to believe" that Klak could live for much longer.[37] Rahn suggested that they should fight Klak because they were already rewriting history anyway,[38] but 553 quipped that they would probably die in the process.[39] Suddenly, Shadow Blade collapsed and said that something was paralysing his essence,[40] so the terrorists summoned F-Blackout to help them.[41] F-Blackout guessed that something was disrupting the molecular bonds of Shadow Blade's antidermis. He suggested that the terrorists should get Shadow Blade out of the city and see if he recovered there in case whatever was causing his affliction was a targeted attack on all Makuta in the city.[42] 553 dragged Shadow Blade into the Batmobile and drove away,[43] leaving Rahn, Julio, and Frenzy behind.[44]

553 drove Shadow Blade to a village outside the city,[45] where the Makuta recovered from his paralysis.[46] 553 assumed that it was safe to drive Shadow Blade back to the Batcave, but Shadow Blade began choking again when they approached the city, so 553 turned the car around[47] and texted Rahn to let him know that he couldn't take Shadow Blade back.[48] Rahn informed 553 of Malygos's ascension in his reply,[49] so 553 decided to find a motel to book Shadow Blade and himself into while they figured out what to do next.[50]


553 and Shadow Blade drove into a small village, but found that it was deserted. 553 investigated a church in case most of the townsfolk were in it to worship, but found that it was also empty save for a phone with an audio message left by a citizen named Tom. In the message, Tom warned whoever found his phone that the village was under attack by "things" that abducted the villagers, and he pleaded with them to not go in "the basement".[51] 553 wanted to leave because the strange goings-on were nothing to do with him and Shadow Blade, and even if they did want to investigate, they had no idea where to start, but Shadow Blade noticed a bar named "The Basement" and ushered 553 inside.[52] Upon entering The Basement, the terrorists noticed that everything had been destroyed save for an unassuming statue, until the "statue" became animate and started choking 553.[53] The robot dropped 553 when Shadow Blade zapped it with a shadow blast, and its head was then destroyed[54] by a woman named Emily.[1]

Emily then asked the terrorists who they were, so Shadow Blade identified himself and 553 as "Johnny" and "Glen", respectively. Emily told them that she had seen the robots snooping around in the toilets and abduct people, but she managed to hide. Emily then stopped when she realized that 553 and Shadow Blade might not be fellow members of the "Project", so Shadow Blade sent her to sleep before she could shoot them and found an access card in her pocket.[1] 553 and Shadow Blade went to the toilets and used the access card to enter a hidden staircase,[55] which led them to a secret lab that had the corpses of Strike Destiny and Wing Justice strung up on the wall. More robots identical to the ones that had attacked 553 then emerged from the portal and restrained 553 and Shadow Blade while they removed the corpses,[56] then released the terrorists and disappeared. 553 and Shadow Blade were understandably freaked out,[57] so they returned to the Batmobile[58] and drove away from the village as fast as possible.[59]

Motel Madness[edit]

The two terrorists realized that they still hadn't found a place to stay, so they barged into a farmhouse armed with laser guns and demanded that the farmer who owned it surrender it to them. The farmer pulled out a shotgun of his own and started shooting, so the terrorists ran back to the Batmobile[60] and drove away. Later, they finally found an actual motel and checked in.[61] 553 called Rahn[62] and told him that they had checked into a motel, but still couldn't return to the Batcave as long as the Makuta suppression field remained active. Shadow Blade lamented over the fact that they had been given a room with a double bed like a married couple,[63] so Rahn wished the both of them a long and happy marriage.[64] 553 tried to sleep next to Shadow Blade, but soon gave up and slept on the couch instead.[65]

553 and Shadow Blade were then mysteriously teleported back to the Batcave, and Shadow Blade found that he was no longer affected by the Makuta suppression field for some reason.[66] Anarky, a new ally of the terrorists, introduced himself to 553 and Shadow Blade as their "new consultant".[67] 553 welcomed Anarky and told him how bad his teammates were, much to Shadow Blade's chagrin.[68] F-Blackout then appeared to check up on the group,[69] so Anarky asked F-Blackout permission to join his terrorist cell[70] - F-Blackout accepted, albeit indifferently.[71] This made Anarky frown,[72] so 553 told him not to, because there was no greater honor than being chosen to save their master.[73]

Later, 553 noticed that Rahn and Shadow Blade were fighting each other,[74] so he beat them both with a thick notebook.[75] Rahn grabbed and ate the notebook,[76] so 553 laughed at him because Rahn had to go with ink in his freaking bloodstream.[77] Unfortunately, this caused Rahn to faint,[78] so 553 fetched a bottle of whisky and poured some down his throat.[79] As expected, it woke Rahn up pretty effectively.[80]

Attack on the Pipeline[edit]

Once everyone had calmed down, they turned on the TV[81] and 553 switched to a news report about the construction of a new gas pipeline which was conveniently close to the Batcave.[82] The terrorists decided to bomb the pipeline,[83] so 553 grabbed two bottles of whisky[84] and followed Rahn and Anarky into the Batmobile.[85] When the terrorists arrived at the pipeline, 553 made a Molotov cocktail with one of the bottles of whisky and destroyed an entire segment of the pipeline with it, but inadvertently released a large amount of gas into the air in the process. 553 realized his mistake too late when he lit another match and ignited the gas in the air around them,[86] which spread along the pipeline and exploded.[87] As 553 lamented the fact that they could not seem to do anything right, he dropped the other bottle of whisky, which just added fuel to the inferno.[88] Fire and police services soon arrived to deal with the situation, so the terrorists were surrounded by police and held at gunpoint.[89] 553 asked his comrades if they had any special powers that could help them escape being arrested (because he did not),[90] but they didn't either, so 553 tried to use nonsense to confuse one officer. This got him punched in the face, beaten,[91] and dragged into a squad car and driven to a prison with Anarky and Rahn.[92] 553 lied down and tried to have a nap in spite of his injuries.[93]


553, Anarky, and Rahn were each escorted to separate prison cells.[94] While 553 was being escorted, he activated his Kanohi Hau, which created a forcefield between him and the guard and pushed him away. 553 then headbutted the guard,[95] but the guard neutralized 553's Hau by activating a power suppressor and shoved 553 into a cell.[96] 553 was then greeted by his cellmate,[97] who 553 made conversation with by asking him what crime he had committed.[98] The cellmate replied simply with "something that wasn't personnel", then left the cell to join a queue for lunch as the bell rang.[99] 553 wasn't hungry,[100] but Rahn, whose cell was across from 553's, persuaded him to line up so that they could learn more about the prison before their escape.[101][102]

Once they had received their food, 553 and Rahn sat at a table with an orc prisoner. Rahn started to irritate the orc by interpreting something he said literally as if mocking him,[103] so 553 tried to separate Rahn from the orc,[104] but this failed as Rahn punched the orc in the face. This created a prison brawl that was exacerbated by the sudden appearance of Anarky, who riled up the prisoners against the guards.[105][106] Anarky's interference intensified the brawl into a full-blown riot, so aerial drones were deployed that shot stun blasts at the prisoners, including 553.[107] 553 grabbed onto one drone and was lifted high into the air,[108] but it was shot down, so 553 fell onto a guard.[109] Said guard shot 553 with a rubber bullet[110] that hurt him so much that he blacked out from the pain.[111]

Rahn dragged 553's unconscious body to Anarky's cell, where Anarky revealed he had been digging an escape tunnel.[112] When 553 came to,[113] he found that Rahn and Anarky had carried him into a sewer system that led out of the prison and to another part of Malchior IV. The terrorists climbed up a manhole onto the surface and found themselves just a few feet away from Julio and Shadow Blade, who were in the process of being scammed by a shady car dealer named Henry Gilclack.[114][115] As 553 and the others rejoined their comrades, Anarky suggested to 553 that they should take Gilclack's car store by force and use it to make car bombs.[116] 553 agreed, so he knocked Gilclack unconscious with one of Julio's bottles.[117] The terrorists found a ticket to "Sheriff's Bingo Lounge" in Gilclack's pockets[118] and decided to bomb it to get revenge on Gilclack for trying to rip them off.[119]

Bingo Night[edit]

The terrorists parked outside the Sheriff's Bingo Lounge and discussed what to do.[120] Rahn and Julio suggested that they drive into the lounge, activate the car bomb, and escape before it exploded,[121] but the only one of them who could teleport them out was Rahn, and he was only "99.9%" sure that he could teleport in the first place.[122] 553 braced himself for his imminent death as the terrorists drove the car into the lounge,[123] but they were prevented from triggering the bomb by the sudden arrival of Klak.[124] As Klak fought the terrorists, 553 retrieved a whisky bottle from the car, turned it into a Molotov cocktail, and threw it at the Makuta.[125] The Molotov hit its target, but Klak used his power of Fire Resistance to negate the flames and declared that he needed to talk to Rahn as he shot a light blast at 553.[126] 553 was badly burned by the light blast, so Shadow Blade went over to heal him.[127] Klak then revealed that he was looking for Caiaphus,[128] and F-Blackout conveniently appeared to check up on the terrorists with his pet dog, Yorke.[129] Once Klak had ranted at the terrorists about their incompetence,[130] and once F-Blackout had finished laughing at the same incompetence,[131] F-Blackout opened a portal to the Batcave for the terrorists to fall back into. 553 sniggered at the sight of Yorke peeing on Klak's leg, then entered the portal with his comrades.[132]

After an inspection of the Batcave by Anna Abernathy (which 553 completely missed), F-Blackout asked the terrorists what they usually did all day, to which 553 replied "Usually, we just watch TV".[133]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Although it has been stated that 553 is a Toa of Fire,[2] he has never been seen using Toa powers in any of his appearances and he does not appear to own a Toa Tool. 553 lit matches when helping his allies attack the fake pipeline on Malchior IV, but it was not explicitly stated that he used elemental powers to do so.[86] Another piece of dialogue suggests that 553 does not have access to elemental powers: he said "I only have my mask" when he asked his allies if they had any powers that could help them escape arrest.[90]

  • Personal Forcefield Creation: 553 can activate his Kanohi Hau to generate a protective forcefield around himself that shields him from visible attacks. However, it cannot protect him from attacks that he is not aware of.