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Muru'utez are predatory reptilian/felinoid creatures, about the size of an earth leopard, with venomous spines and a horrifying face. Envy turned into one of these during his battle with Commander Luis Grant and Mamimi of the Bebop II.


Quadrupedal, a muru'utez has thick, strawlike, dull gray fur hanging from body's main trunk, with lower-limbs and paws covered in scales, interrupted by hanging rings of fur. At the end of its long, whipping, scaly tail is a thick ball of messy, wispy fur, with three long, perfectly straight, paling-like spikes in a vertical row protruding from the primary mass's outer-top.

As well, a pair of similar, but shorter spines sticks out of the back of either forelimb, midway down. Most terrifying of all, however, is the face - not a scrap of fur, scales, nor even skin covers the exposed, leathery red muscle tissue, and its lack of eyelids leave its bulging yellow eyes to stare wildly. Periodically, a long, narrow tongue flicks out to wipe over either orb.

Though their behavior is unknown at this point - as the only example seen was one of the Homunculus Envy's shapeshifted forms - it is known from warnings by Commander Luis Grant that their spines contain a venom so powerful that it can kill a human being in minutes.


  • The muru'utez is the first alien creature transformed into by Envy that has been named.