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Luis Grant
Commander Bebop II
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A Commander aboard the Bebop II, Luis Grant is of an unknown, closely humanlike race and is fairly even-tempered and friendly despite his rather intimidating appearance. Despite the sizeable gap in their ranks, he is a good friend of Ensign Czeska; stating himself that they joined the Bebop II's ranks at the same time.

However, even with this fact and Luis's insistence that she call him by his first name rather than rank and last name, Czeska will refer to him no less formally than "Commander Luis." He's shown himself to be a very reliable friend, and has displayed a cool head and unusual grace under fire, even when an unknown spy is aboard the ship.



At first, Luis appears to be a perfectly normal, albeit very tall and broadly muscular human being. His deep voice carries a calming quality, and his deep brown eyes are very intelligent and gentle. Of medium-dark skintone and with short black hair in a military crewcut, his glasses are wire-rimmed and possess oblong lens frames. However, there are many qualities of his form that make it clear he's of a more complicated origin.

The outsides of his wrists both bear thick, curved "talons," slotted through vents in his uniform's cuffs, and his ears are visibly ridged. As well, above either eye are four vertical creases which immediately stand out. In all, these seem to suggest he's either a hybrid between humanoid and reptilian lineage, or of an oddly humanlike race with more reptilian bodily features.


Largely professional and reserved, Luis is nonetheless very devoted to his friends and a reliable, steadfast ally. He's very capable when it comes to maintaining calm in a delicate situation of a possibly lethal outcome, and is adept at calming someone who is in a state of distress. He likes soups, stews and classical music, but hates layabouts, alcoholics and men who are rude to women.


The Commander was first introduced approaching his old friend, Ensign Czeska, at one of the Filing Centers of the Bebop II. However, when she explained that someone identical to him had just spoke to her and passed by, Luis instantly surmised that a spy was on the ship. Once Czeska used a spell she had recently learned from a tome during research - And promptly slipped into unconsciousness from exhaustion - Luis stayed close to make sure she would be fine. He next contacted Vato Falman, and managed to press the timid, falsely-accused traitor into lending his assistance to the matter.


  • Luis is thus far the highest-ranked crewman of the Bebop II to not be one of the primary characters involved in the ship's storylines.