Corridor of Darkness

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Corridor of Darkness
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A Corridor of Darkness
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A Corridor of Darkness is a unique kind of portal that can be used to travel to and from the World That Never Was.


A Corridor of Darkness is a unique kind of portal that creatures of pure darkness, such as Nobodies, can create to travel between the World That Never Was and other locations in normal space in the Original Universe. Corridors of Darkness contain pure shadow energy that slowly breaks down all physical matter that enters, so frequent users of Corridors of Darkness such as Organization XIII wear thick black cloaks to protect themselves.[1]

GregF has also demonstrated the ability to travel to other locations via Corridors of Darkness.[2]


In 150,080 CMT, Xonyt opened a Corridor of Darkness in order to escape from the members of the Thirteen Primes who had gathered for the Battle at the Omega Point.[3] In response, Prima created a hand-like construct of light and sent it into the Corridor of Darkness after Xonyt in an attempt to catch him,[4] but recoiled in pain when the Corridor's dark energies infected the construct and travelled back along it into its caster.[5] The Last Autobot froze Prima to prevent the darkness from infecting him further while Nexus Prime began to heal him.[6] Xonyt witnessed this from within the Corridor and took a moment to remark on Prima's foolishness.[5]

In 150,081 CMT, GregF left the User HQ via a Corridor of Darkness after interrupting a speech that User MK was about to give to Namine.[2]

In 150,082 CMT, Lexaeus used a Corridor of Darkness to travel back to the World That Never Was, abandoning Xonyt on Agrabah.[7]

Xonyt later used a Corridor of Darkness to travel to the Castle That Never Was, then another to leave after giving Organization XIII a report on his mission.[8]


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