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GregF is an incredibly powerful being, said to be of the same species as The Users. He helped create the BIONICLE universe, which later became fused with the Original Universe. He is known to be good friends with Iron Man, and helps him in combat very rarely. In fact, he has only appeared seven times, one for every year BZPB has been running.

In his first appearance, he was hit by an anvil fired by the Matoran in a Black Suit. He threw the MiaBS into a wall, but Muta threw the MiaBS into him. He was then used as a club to bash Muta.

Later, he interrupted a speech by MakutaKlak.

In his third appearance, he kicked Socah's wall and ran off.

In his fourth appearance, he saved User KoN from being reduced to a smear on the ground by Black Six.

His fifth appearance seems to have been erased from existence, possibly by Quolas. However, traces of him continue to bleed through...

In his sixth appearance, he appeared in the back of Goldenn Flame's car and warned the joke characters present that the other Users were planning to get rid of them.

In his seventh appearance, he exposed the recently deceased Goldenn Flame as an imposter on Meme World.


  • "Where the heck did GregF come from?" - Blackout, the first time he appeared.
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