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The Chozo are an extinct sentient species that were once spread over several worlds in the Original Universe.


The Chozo were an advanced species that occupied several planets.[1] One of these planets was SR389, where they mined protodermis to trade with the Great Beings.[2] The Chozo eventually went extinct due to unknown circumstances, leaving the planets that they once owned uninhabited.[3]

In 150,081 CMT, Perseus told Klak, D-Klak, Nadle, and Abneris that he had discovered that Uterian forces were en route to a former Chozo world named SR389, which prompted Nadle to comment that the Chozo had been dead for years.[1] Abneris revealed that, as far as he was aware, the Chozo mined SR389 for protodermis to trade with the Great Beings.[2]


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