Richard (Agrabah)

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This article is about the resident of Agrabah who encountered Xonyt. For other characters named Richard, see Richard (disambiguation).

Richard was a resident of Agrabah whose home was inadvertently destroyed by Xonyt.


In 150,082 CMT, Richard was in his house on Agrabah, pulling a chicken out of his fridge, when the battle between Xonyt and a Heartless sent the former crashing through his home. Richard seemed unfazed by the destruction of his home and commented that the event reminded him of "the amusing story of the time [he] murdered [his] father", then noticed the Heartless follow Xonyt and apologized to it for his "previous rudeness".[1]

However, Richard later emerged from the debris of his house to tackle Xonyt. Richard threatened that Xonyt would pay for destroying his home, but backed off when Xonyt launched a fireball at his head in response[2] and told Richard to get lost. However, Richard stayed to watch Xonyt fly into the air[3] with Roxas to battle a Dustflier.[4] Once the two Nobodies had defeated the Dustflier and returned to the surface, a fearful Richard asked them what they were, to which Xonyt replied "He's light, I'm darkness. Want a taste?" followed by charging an orb of darkness with his Keyblade. Richard politely declined and ran away.[5]

Xonyt later mentioned Richard in a report to Organization XIII, referring to him as an "odd merchant that was an annoyance and was taken care of".[6]