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Kay Faraday
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Kay Faraday is an ally of an unidentified vampire and Klaud Ortenrosse.


In 150,081 CMT, Kay waited for Klaud Ortenrosse to leave his apartment and stealthily followed him[1] as he came across a trail of blood that led to the mansion of an unidentified vampire. She hid in a tree to avoid detection and continued to watch Klaud as he followed the trail inside the mansion,[2] which is where he met its vampiric owner. The vampire informed Klaud that his purpose in the City at Night was to find the Grimoire of Thade, and added that Kay was an ally who would help him in his quest.[3] Kay continued to stalk Klaud after he left the mansion and finally revealed herself when he muttered "I wonder how I can get out of here", to which she replied "You could hop a plane". The suddenness of her appearance startled Klaud,[4] but he calmed down when she introduced herself and Klaud remembered that she was supposed to be an ally.[5]

Kay then led Klaud to a boarded-up door in an alley and formed a large key in her hand which she touched the door with and morphed it into an elevator.[6] This elevator took them both to a tunnel beneath the city, which Kay led Klaud through to what appeared to be an abandoned prison that had been repurposed as a vampire hideout. She then told Klaud that they had to wait for the "Local Supervisor" to arrive, so Klaud made himself comfortable.[7]


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