Battle of Impel Down

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Battle of Impel Down
Part of the Unending arc


100,080 CMT


Orbit of Impel Down


Blackout's army trapped in the Muta-Gaath Nebula, over 175,000 casualties.


Brotherhood of Makuta

Alliance against Blackout


Makuta Blackout

Zev Raregroove

Faction Goals

Destroy Zev's incoming fleet.

Defeat Blackout.


13,500 ships:

  • Darkmount
  • Nemesis-class ships
  • 5000 drone ships

8,900 ships:



  • Gundams
  • The Quintesson fleet
  • Some Decepticon ships
  • Many Goa'uld ships
  • >32 Nebulan ships
  • >17 Elysian ships
  • The Vrai fleet
  • >134 Kamabakka ships

The Battle of Impel Down began when Zev's forces, combined with the forces of the Nebulans, Quintessons, Decepticons, Goa'uld, Elysians, Vrai and the Kamabakka attacked Impel Down, which had been taken over by Blackout.


Immediately after being attacked by the allied fleet, Blackout's forces struck back, attacking and completely annihilating the Quintesson fleet, and four Vrai cruisers were destroyed when Blackout used remote-control to take over a Goa'uld warship and destroy it. Later, 5,000 drone-ships decloaked and attacked the Elysian fleet, destroying seventeen cruisers, including the flagship, and eight Vrai cruisers and four Kamabakka ships were destroyed by Darkmount. Fourteen squadrons of drone-ships attacked the Nebulan fleet, destroying a number of cruisers. Several squadrons of Nemesis-class ships attacked the Decepticon fleet, destroying several ships and disabling its flagship.

When a group of Gundams arrived, Blackout activated Darkmount's main cannon, destroying the group within two shots. Blackout then turned the city-ship's main cannon onto the advancing Goa'uld and Vrai fleets, completely destroying the Vrai fleet and destroying much of the Goa'uld fleet. Thirty-two Nebulan warships were destroyed when Blackout fired pods filled with explosives at them. Thirteen squadrons of drone-ships were sent to attack the In Amber-Clad, damaging the ancient warship. In response, Zev launched a massive attack on Darkmount, causing it to be severely damaged for the first time. Blackout responded by firing the city-ship's main cannon and a slightly (alright, very) insane amount of missiles at the Kamabakka forces, destroying one hundred ships, and ordered the Nemesis-class ships to move in, destroying another thirty. Blackout launched more explosive-filled pods at the Goa'uld fleet, destroying it.

A Goa'uld scientist promptly teleported onto the In Amber-Clad, and revealed his core bomb, a weapon capable of trapping Blackout and his entire fleet in the Muta-Gaath Nebula. There was only one problem: the force field protecting it needed to be fueled by the very lifeforce of a being. Jesus Burgess volunteered himself, and used his own lifeforce to power the core bomb, trapping the entire fleet in the nebula, and becoming undead in the process. Blackout's plans were foiled, and the Makuta proceeded to take out his anger by killing the undead Burgess again... and again... and again...

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