Battle of Impel Down (II)

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Second Battle of Impel Down
Part of the Uterio War arc


150,081 CMT


An asteroid orbiting Impel Down


Original Universe


Rebel Alliance

Order of the Great Beings


Faction Goals
  • Klak: Storm the stronghold and defeat the General.
  • D-Klak: Destroy the two guard towers of the stronghold to make way for Klak's team.

Defeat and/or kill the invaders.

Get some fillin grub cor

  • Himself
  • Treveya
  • The General
  • Busy-woman

The Rebels are victorious, but Mjolnir is stolen by Set.


The Second Battle of Impel Down was a battle that took place on an asteroid orbiting the planet of Impel Down, during the Uterio War story arc.


The General was chosen by Uterio di Armechio to defend the stronghold that was built on the asteroid, as it was home to Mjolnir. The General found that he was able to use the weapon in battle himself, but still stayed inside the stronghold as commanded. A ship containing a small army of Malchiorian soldiers along with Klak, D-Klak, Nadle, Treveya, Jinx, Perseus and Baterra landed on the opposite side of the asteroid to plan their assault on the stronghold. D-Klak affirmed that he would take a squad of four soldiers to enter through the back of the stronghold while the rest of the allied forces would storm the front. D-Klak left the group with his squad to walk to the back of the stronghold. Meanwhile, a hologram of David Robert Jones appeared in front of the others, accompanied by holograms of Blackout and TPK.

Once DRJ had introduced himself, Klak was plastered by Rixika, who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. When DRJ had regained Klak's attention, he stated that the ZFT were also against Uterio, so he requested an alliance. After the brief negotiations that followed, an alliance was formed, with the condition that the three people in the hologram were to meet Klak on Krustallos following the battle. As a result, a nearby ZFT ship landed on the asteroid next to Klak's and several Rahkshi emerged from it, stating that they would assist them in the battle ahead. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the universe, User MK informed Ynot that he should attend a resistance meeting on Krustallos with Klak's team within the next few days.

For some reason, Ynot took that to mean "right now", and teleported next to the group on the asteroid. He expressed further confusion upon seeing the "friendly" Rahkshi, which was dispelled by DRJ's hologram reappearing and saying something along the lines of "These are my Rahkshi, and we're allied now". Klak was glad that his taskforce had grown significantly since they arrived, so he filled in the newcomers and they walked towards the stronghold with the exception of Baterra, who stayed at Klak's ship. Last of all, they were joined by User Kon, who had teleported there upon hearing about the coming conflict, as he was bored. The User, being a User, already knew about the plan so he needed no explanation. Klak expressed his delight at a User joining them, and together they proceeded to the entrance.

Storming the Stronghold[edit]

Round the back of the stronghold, D-Klak and his troops had successfully scaled the wall and taken out the guards with swords and roundhouse kicks. D-Klak said that once the guards discovered the bodies they might send out drones to scan for life signs, so they had to move to one of the towers, and quickly. Once they got there, D-Klak planted several bombs in the interior before moving onto the next tower with his squad. The Malchiorians snapped a few enemy necks at the next tower while D-Klak planted a singular, large bomb inside. Concurrently, Klak's team reached the front of the stronghold and were insulted by one of the guards on the second tower. Klak shouted "ATTACK!" and the team sprung into action. Klak and Nadle fired blasts of light and shadow energy at the guards atop the towers while the Malchiorians flanked them and fired at the towers with their laser rifles. Treveya disappeared in a poof and Perseus used his powers to form a large rock, which he destroyed the door with. D-Klak remotely activated the bombs from the courtyard while its guards were scrambling themselves, and the two guard towers exploded, sending debris raining down on guards in the way and killing the ones that were still inside the towers.

Klak's group ran into the courtyard and began fighting the guards in their own ways, joining with D-Klak and his squad. User Kon fired a blast of yellow energy at another wall at the other end of the courtyard, disintegrating it and revealing a corridor which led deep into the complex. The Rahkshi squadron flew over another part of the stronghold and blasted their way through to a room. One of them picked up a glowing blue sphere and took it back to their ship. As the other Rahkshi were flying back to the courtyard, a turret was activated on the stronghold's roof and shot at them, destroying one. Suddenly, a ship in the shape of a giant Eddie Murphy head descended on the stronghold and eyebeams were fired at User Kon. They missed him, and User Kon responded by firing a creation blast through the ship's eye. This set off a chain reaction of explosions, and the ship crashed and exploded on User Kon's location (after he teleported out safely). Busy-woman did not survive the crash, as her foot was stuck in the bath before she could bail out, unlike her husband. The explosion created a large crater in the stronghold, which revealed many more rooms inside and got the General's attention.

While Rixika was distracted casting spells on some of the remaining guards, the General transformed the drill he was carrying into a gun and fired it at Ynot and Rixika. Both of them either telekinetically froze the bullets in mid-air or deflected them back into him, but he blocked them with his sword. The remaining guards were disposed of by Klak pelting them with the debris left over from the destroyed walls, by Perseus' sword, or by D-Klak's bare hands. The remaining Rahkshi obliterated the roof turret with fragmentation blasts, and Treveya reappeared behind the General, blasting him into a wall with shadow energy. Seeing he was outnumbered, the General shot at Perseus and the Rahkshi while summoning Mjolnir with his free hand. The legendary hammer flew into his grasp and he smacked Treveya away with it before electrocuting her with a blast of electricity borne from the hammer. He then used some of the hammer's energy to reanimate the corpses of some of the deceased guards to attack his enemies. Jinx and the Malchiorians concentrated their fire on the zombies while Treveya got to her feet and took on the General with the assistance of Ynot.

The Makuta grabbed the General and flew high into the air, letting go when he was high enough so the General would die upon impact with the ground below. However, this didn't work as planned, as he stood up battered but alive. Instead, Ynot created six iron clones of himself to fight the General with different elements. While the General was distracted, User Kon reappeared and decided to join in the "godplay" by charging his hand with a creation blast and slam-dunking it on him. Unfortunately, this still didn't work, as the General had created an energy field around himself with Mjolnir. Although, he began to lose consciousness, as a large percentage of the attacks had hit him directly. Before he could retaliate against the allied forces once again, a portal suddenly opened and Set emerged from it, saying that "Such weaklings should not handle powerful weapons" as he shot the General in the face. The General's body disintegrated and possession of Mjolnir passed to Set, whose first action with the hammer was to charge a ball of intense energy with it to fire at Ynot and User Kon. Treveya jumped in the way of the blast and attempted to shield them from it with her power, but it was too little too late as she was engulfed in the resulting explosion. Her battered body fell to the floor as Set cackled and escaped back through the portal, closing it as he left. Perseus and Ynot destroyed the leftover zombies, and the battle was won. Treveya shared her dying words with Klak and Nadle, and tears were shed as the other combatants bowed their heads and left the asteroid to continue on with their missions.

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