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The Zivon
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Zivon (unique being)
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The Zivon was a sentient Rahi that lived in the Realm of Shadows. It was killed in the Battle of the Virtual Reality.


The Zivon was created as an experiment by the Brotherhood of Makuta tens of thousands of years ago. Whatever the experiment was, it obviously failed, as they chose to discard it in the Realm of Shadows. Over the next few thousand years, the Zivon developed an affinity with the realm and came to rule it in a sense: It honed an ability to come and go from the dimension at will, and sense whenever someone else entered it.

The Zivon's first mention was in the very, very early days of BZPB, when Rakoua sent John the Gadunka to the Realm of Shadows to be eaten by it. However, Rakoua changed his mind and teleported John back before the Zivon could get a hold of him.

Many years later, the Zivon met the Fellowship of Kakamu when they arrived in its dimension with the intention of storing Kakamu's mask and spear there. The Zivon listened to their explanation and decided to allow it, as they had managed to make it somewhat curious about Kakamu's life and legacy. It also let Tratus stay there when the FoK found him floating in the Void, though this was not an arrangement that Tratus was happy with.

At some point, the Zivon met Trantoshen when he accessed the Realm of Shadows. Trantoshen told the Zivon that he was looking for his father, Kakamu. The Zivon found this very interesting, but told Trantoshen that his father was not there, and kicked him out through a portal to the Original Universe.

When Tratus combined the Realm of Shadows' energy with a sample of Kakamu's antidermis to duplicate his consciousness, Kakamu asked the Zivon for help with finding a new body. It told Kakamu that he had had an unknown son millennia ago, and that he should find him if he wanted to live. With that, it opened a portal back to the OU and threw Kakamu and Tratus out.

Later, the Zivon had another meeting with the Fellowship of Kakamu in the Realm of Shadows. It was interrupted when Blackout found them and trapped them inside a virtual reality onboard Darkmount. The Zivon was absolutely enraged by this, and had no qualms with Blackout's suggestion that he should kill everyone else in order to escape. King Agrippa and the Random Agrippa Warrior were crushed beneath the Zivon's many limbs as the beast went on a rampage inside the VR. It tried to kill Tratus next, but the Agori narrowly avoided the Zivon's pincers and ran away. Blackout decided to change things up a bit by changing the reality to resemble Mustafar, and having its lava come alive and attack the combatants. In the ensuing chaos, the Zivon was knocked into the lava and killed. When the reality changed again, its corpse fell into a program named Google Earth and disappeared.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Realm of Shadows - The Zivon was connected to the Realm of Shadows as if it was an extension of its very life force. It could instantly detect whenever anyone was intruding upon the dimension, and could make its way around with ease despite the extreme darkness that shrouded it.
  • Portal Creation - The Zivon had the ability to open portals to and from the universe that its realm was connected to. It did this to either draw in or banish people from its realm whenever it felt like it.
  • Dampening Rhotuka - The Zivon had four natural Rhotuka launchers around its body, more than any other known being. Its four Rhotuka abilities were to induce temporary blindness, deafness, muteness, and numbness in its victims.


  • Unlike its counterpart in BIONICLE, this Zivon was intelligent and capable of speech. The Realm of Shadows was more like its habitat instead of its prison, and it could come and go from the dimension at will.

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