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"By the rivers of Babylon; Yea, We wept, When we remembered Zion" - Psalm 137:1

The Zion Cluster was a revolutionary organization founded by John Shepard that was dedicated to the removal of armed conflict through any means necessary. It was a highly-advanced techno-religious organization, elitist and Zionistic by nature. It did not accept new recruits: Members were born Zion and died Zion.


After the Great Purge, John Shepard found the remains of Advanced DAL and began re-configuring him to his needs. He located a broken moon, PtR4-8, and created the Zion Cluster to turn it into Side 8. He then began shaping the Zion Cluster to become his weapon of peace in his goal to eliminate all war.

After the destruction of Side 8, the Zion Cluster's First Fleet of Sacred Retribution, and the disappearance of John Shepard, the remnants of the Zion Cluster presumably disbanded or were destroyed by the other combatants of the Uterio War.


Side 8[edit]

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Side 8 was a moon-ship, and the main base of the Zion Cluster. As massive as it is powerful, Side 8 presented a major problem for the enemies of the Zion Cluster, so much so that there were two battles fought for it.

Ptolemaios-Class Cruiser[edit]

Expensive to produce and difficult to field, the Ptolemaios-Class was used almost exclusively by the Home Fleet and the Frumentarii. Equipped with a spacious hanger and a selection of weaponry, the Ptolemaios-Class could put up a prolonged fight.

Aries-Class Variable Geometry Fighter[edit]

Easy to produce in great numbers, the Aries-class provided the main bulk of the Zion Cluster space force. It had two modes; a versatile fighter mode and a mech mode. A few customized variants also existed.

The Epyon[edit]

The Epyon was a prototype replacement of the Aries-Class Variable Geometry Fighter, however, there was only one, and it was stolen by Tahar'ok. It featured a whip and beam saber.


The Hayato was John Shepard's personal mech, and used only a sword.


The Side-ark was John Shepard's personal station, which orbited Side 8. It was highly comfortable, and contained an office, restaurant, living space, viewing deck, swimming pool, library, armory and coffee room. It was well armed, featuring two ultra-heavy anti-ship railguns on either side, meaning it could go head-to-toe with even a Ptolemaios-Class.



An AK-47 with wooden furniture. The Zion Cluster usually built theirs with all-black steel furniture.

The AK-47 was the general purpose weapon of the Zion Cluster military forces. The schematics to make them were found in Advanced DAL's database. It was favoured for its high power and ability to survive in the dusty environments of Side 8. 10% of manufacture in Side 8 was related to AK-47 manufacture or upkeep.

FN P90[edit]

FN P90s were issued to Frumentarii members. They are more delicate than AK-47s, and therefore didn't last long in Side 8's environment, but this was not a problem because the Frumentarii conducted their operations away from Side 8.


The XM8 is a powerful assault rifle issued to the Praetorian guard, usually equipped with a grenade launcher.