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Zakaz was the homeland of the Skakdi species in the Matoran Universe.


Zakaz was built by the Matoran according to the Great Beings' specifications during the construction of the Matoran Universe.[1]

Zakaz was one of the islands that were attacked by the Vrai in the Vrai War. A Vrai named Jacques later referred to the attack on Zakaz in a discussion with his commanding officer: Jacques told his commanding officer that he did not have as much faith in the abilities of the Vrai cruisers as he did, because of "what happened at Zakaz", implying that the Vrai cruisers' performance in the battle left much to be desired.[2]

In 100,079 CMT, the Toa-Skakdi War was instigated by the Brotherhood of Makuta for a now-forgotten reason. Because the conflict was primarily between the Toa and Skakdi species, much of the fighting took place on Zakaz, the Skakdi's homeland.[3] The Toa Yerta were among the Toa who went to fight on Zakaz.[4] During this period, Kakamu sent his assistant Mocax to Zakaz to retrieve a Nektann power core. Mocax succeeded in retrieving the power core and attempted to steal a boat to escape, but was stopped by Rabot, who took the Matoran as a prisoner of war. However, Mocax escaped and left Zakaz for Destral.[5]

The events of the Toa-Skakdi War were erased when Blackout activated the Vahi Cube later that year.[3]

In 100,080 CMT,[3] Blackout devastated Zakaz with a T-4 missile during his takeover of the Matoran Universe.[6] He then brainwashed most of the Matoran Universe's Matoran and ordered them to dismantle all of its buildings and use the materials to build Darkmount, so whatever was left of Zakaz was likely dismantled and used to aid in the construction project.[7]


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