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SM Yuuka is the Shattered Mirror Universe counterpart of Yuuka, and like many other Shattered Mirror versions of characters, this version is more dark, gritty and evil. She is affiliated with her universe's Shroom, her Moss, her Namah and her Vi - she seems to be friends with all of them.



SMYu has purple hair in the same style as Yuuka's, but a bit longer; she has golden eyes and wears a sleeveless leather jacket, with leather shorts and sandals - under the jacket is a shirt that says "REMOVING YOUR ORGANS IS EASIER FOR ME THAN YOU THINK" in red bold letters. Her claws are so long they touch the ground when she is standing, as she has neglected to cut them for so long.

Her eyes always have a bird like feel to them, as if not civilised. As a Harpie she has wings instead of arms, these wings are black and large with some red feathers at the edges, she wears what looks like barbed wire around the middle of her wings, to make them lethal.


SMYu is probably the most unstable character made by User:ShroomX2, second only to SMMoss. She usually doesn't speak when not spoken to, and whenever she is left unspoken to, she will start to do bird calls with her wings folded behind her.

SMYu's bird of prey instincts usually take hold of her, and when they do, she starts screaming "Rage" and flies around, killing anything that attacks her. Her only downfall is pain, ironically since she is friends with SMM; this is known by the situation in which SMYu was hit in the leg with a spear, SMSh tried to comfort her, but even when the wounds were healed, she started to cry very loudly for a long, long time.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

SMYu has a range of abilities, one of the most obvious being she can fly.

  • Bird control - She can control any bird that is in a certain radius, and birds follow her against her will.
  • Energy beams - These beams are quite powerful, but take a while to charge.