Yon's clone

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Yon's clone
Terugan (clone)
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Yon's clone (sometimes referred to as Y?n or Yonn) was a clone of the aforementioned Terugan created by a secret division of Project Cadmus.

The purpose of this clone was unknown, but a hidden camera was unknowingly implanted somewhere in its body so that the division operatives could observe its surroundings. At some point it was released into the universe and believed itself to be Yon. Somehow, it met up with a Terugan woman named Vea, and she became his companion as they travelled around the universe. One day, they came across a large cardboard box which could teleport to a random location when the lever inside was pulled. Obviously, they used this to further their misadventures.

One day, they arrived on an alien planet inside the box, and the clone attempted to trade with the planet's dominant species. Needless to say they weren't having it, as they started chasing them down the street with laser rifles. When the clone and Vea got back inside the box and pulled its lever, they next found themselves on the BZP Planet. The box was revealed to be of User origin, but they were allowed to keep it.

After several years went by with no sight of them, Yon's clone was spotted in Etende's bathroom on Atuar Sadiares, as the box had materialized there. It was dragged away by security but saved by someone called "Harmony", as she wished to cash in on the bounty placed on Yon's head. Several crazy antics occurred, including a member of HYDRA letting loose the Caged Lion, and eventually the people who created the clone decided enough was enough. They activated its killswitch and it ran into a maintenance closet before exploding. Vea was abducted by DU Monarch, and the cardboard box was placed in an incinerator by security and destroyed.