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Matoran Universe
Order of Mata Nui
Presumably deceased
Home Reality

Yintral was a member of the Order of Mata Nui and a friend of Kakamu during his days at the Order.



Yintral was biomechanical, though of an unknown species likely native to the unexplored Southern Islands. His primary color was blue, and he had four arms and silver armor.


Yintral was extremely reserved and absorbed in his work. He disliked talking vocally, preferring instead to "talk" to his machines in code. Despite these traits, he opened up to Kakamu, and the two became friends. Yintral was extremely distrustful of Makuta and their associated creations, regarding their practices as detrimental to the "scientific community" of the Matoran Universe. He also disliked being labelled as a genius, as he thought it brought unnecessary attention to himself.


Life with the Order[edit]

Yintral was a reserved member of the Order of Mata Nui who spent most of his time working on new technologies in his lab. He worked in the same building as Kakamu during his days in the Order, so they met and became friends. Yintral was a technological pioneer and created many various kinds of machines and vehicles for the Order, including a method of time travel. After discovering this, the Great Beings ruled in their court that the Order should not have access to such power. Knights of the Great Beings appeared in Yintral's lab and destroyed all of his work on time travel apart from one example - a cylinder with a button that could pluck anyone from time and space and deposit them in the present day, as long as the wearer was thinking about that being. Because the GBs had destroyed its power supply, it could only be used once. Yintral gave it as a gift to Toa Kakamu.

Yintral also invented the XK series of robots for use in any wars the Order should get into. He made six prototypes, XK-1 through 6. During the GBs' ransack of his lab, they also took XK-1 to 5, as they saw potential in the robots. The designs of these robots were later modified by the Great Being Serecio, and he had them mass-produced for his army.

Many years after Kakamu deserted the Order, his son Trantoshen caught their attention and was brought to Daxia. Yintral told him the truth about his existence and the life his father lived. However, Yintral's version of the truth included the claim that Kakamu was killed by the Brotherhood of Makuta. (In actuality, Kakamu was not killed, but transformed into a Makuta himself. Yintral considered this to be no different.)

It is unknown what happened to Yintral after that, but if he lived long enough to see Blackout destroy the Matoran Universe, he would have probably died with it.

Brief Return[edit]

At some point in his life, Yintral was suddenly teleported far into the future by the time-travel device he created. and deposited into the far future, in which "Turaga" Kakamu believed to be dying and had activated the cylinder to summon Yintral to aide him. Yintral was shocked at this development, but he trusted his friend's judgement. As he had carried XK-6 at the moment when he was taken from his own time, he had the robot to deploy against Blackout, who had taken control of Darkmount and had turned it into a giant robot body. The efforts of Yintral and XK-6 might have done considerable damage to a fellow biomechanical or organic being, but their attacks against the giant city-ship robot were downright pathetic. In the end, Blackout's giant form was destroyed by Kakamu commencing a Nova Blast through an energy amplifier taken from the Ironclad. The cylinder that was keeping the temporal link to both time zones open was destroyed in the blast, so Yintral and XK-6 were returned to their own time as a result.

Abilities & Traits[edit]

  • Genius-Level Intellect - Yintral was a technological genius and is responsible for the creation of several technologies adopted by the Great Beings.
  • Technopathy - Yintral made several modifications to his own body to allow him to better interact with machines.