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Human (enhanced)


Home Reality

Yarighraya is a cytoplast-enhanced agent of the Simic Combine who undertook several missions to further the development of Project Kraj.


Mad Scientist Convention[edit]

In 150,083 CMT, the leader of the Simic Combine, Momir Vig, announced to his followers on Ravnica that the time had come for them to follow the Goliath Protocol: a Simic directive that decreed that the guild must now kidnap sentient beings, re-educate them, and modify them with cytoplasts, eventually forcing these victims to accept that cytoplast enhancement was the way of the future.[1] Vig ordered his followers to infiltrate the Mad Scientist Convention (which is where Jin-Gitaxias mocked the concept of cytoplasts in front of Vig just moments prior), and discreetly kidnap some of its attendees in order to force cytoplasts upon them.

Yarighraya was put in command of the Simic forces sent to the Mad Scientist Convention, and was given direct control of some of the beasts. She and her allies initially laid low in order to avoid detection, but when a brawl broke out as a result of Serrator attacking the Bogeyman, Yarighraya decided that there was no longer any point in trying to be covert and thus revealed herself. Yarighraya introduced herself to the confused attendees and laughed as the Simic forces began smashing the venue and abducting people.[2] Malygos responded by firing arcane energy at the Simic, so Yarighraya called him a fool and ordered one of the Simic trolls to subdue Sasuken.[3] The troll pounced on Sasuken, but he kicked it off onto its back.[4]

Duel with Ynot[edit]

In a display of power, Ynot released Ka-Oni-Santsu, ordering the Simic and anyone else partaking in the brawl to stand down, because the Mad Scientist Convention was intended to be a neutral event.[4] In response, a troll controlled by Yarighraya punted Ynot out of the convention building, causing him to land outside the venue. Yarighraya then ordered the other Simic agents to return to Ravnica so that she could deal with Ynot herself. She climbed atop a drake and flew outside to fight Ynot while attacking him by proxy via two of her trolls.[5]

Ynot stabbed the first troll with an Aura Spear, then released Hollow Ynot to finish it off. HY instantly crushed the troll's hand when it attempted to punch him, and killed it by slamming it into the ground.[6] Yarighraya was so awed by this show of power that she decided to use cytoplasts to fight him instead: she telekinetically ripped the cytoplasts from the dead troll, flung them onto Ynot's armor (which they quickly fused with), then made the cytoplasts control Ynot's arms in an attempt to make himself rip his own body apart.[7] Despite HY's claims that nothing could pierce Ynot's armor, he found that some of the cytoplasts got through, so Ynot took back control of his body briefly to request an "egg drop" from Cicero. Aboard the Cabana Prime, Cicero received the message and dropped the "egg" - which turned out to be a sphere of metal - on Ynot's location. Ynot's antidermis form escaped from his armor and into the sphere, which immediately transformed into a new, identical Makuta body for him to occupy. Ynot then asked Yarighraya if she had any more tricks[8], to which she responded by flattening him with a massive Sky Swallower. Not wanting to battle Ynot any longer, Yarighraya summoned her ship, which contained some of the convention's kidnapped attendees, and escaped.[9]

Now in space, Yarighraya opened a communications channel to Momir Vig to inform him of the outcome of her mission. She divulged that the Simic had captured thirteen subjects, but lost two trolls and a Sky Swallower in the process. She also told Vig about Ynot and stated that they needed to develop countermeasures against him in case he tried to go after the Simic again. Vig agreed, then congratulated her on the success of her mission and, at the same time, issued her a new one: to secure a sample of dragon cerebral fluid needed to complete Project Kraj.[10]


The countermeasure that the Simic developed against Ynot was a microwave gun that was powerful enough to knock him unconscious for a century. Yarighraya took this weapon and boarded a Simic ship with Otrovac to hunt him down. When they located the Cabana Prime, they bypassed its security systems in order to dock with it without being noticed, then summoned a modified Sky Swallower to land on top of it and pin Ynot to the floor via magnetism. Yarighraya sarcastically greeted Ynot and fired at him,[11] forcing Ynot to leave his armor to avoid being fried by the microwaves.[12] However, Ynot unwittingly played right into the Simics' hand by doing so: they were anticipating that he would leave his armor, and had readied a canister to trap his antidermis in. After Otrovac sucked Ynot's antidermis into this canister, the two villains returned to their ship and disengaged from the Cabana.[13] Ynot was disgusted that he had been captured by such dishonorable people,[14] but Yarighraya laughed at him, stating that she didn't care about honor, only the fact that she won.[15]

The Simic ship soon arrived at Novijen, the Simic Combine's headquarters on Ravnica. Yarighraya and Otrovac were greeted by Momir Vig,[15] who immediately began preparing the final stages of Project Kraj with Otrovac and Ynot in attendance.[16]

Yarighraya returned to witness Sasuken's battle against the completed Kraj. She expressed her surprise upon seeing Sasuken use his Dying Will Flame to teleport Kraj outside of the guildhouse, and commented to Otrovac that Sasuken's sudden usage of the ability was rather contrived.[17] She and Otrovac then ran outside to witness the battle, just in time to see Sasuken obliterate Kraj by channelling his Dying Will Flames through a sniper rifle directly at the creature. Upon seeing Kraj, the culmination of all of their work, turn to ash, Yarighraya fled.[18]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Cytoplast Control - Yarighraya has the ability to control the movement and activity of cytoplasts. In her first demonstration of this ability, she telekinetically ripped cytoplasts off one body to attach them to another, then used them to turn the victim's own body against him.
  • Unidentified Magical Ability - After grafting cytoplasts onto Ynot's armor, Yarighraya was seen charging a bolt of magical energy to attack him with in case he broke out of it, indicating that she has some control over offensive magic.


  • Yarighraya is probably based on the character Yaraghiya, who is a member of the Simic Combine in Magic: The Gathering.