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Xikila is a Makuta and the sister of Kivalon, created by Vultraz on the Mata Nui II as a side effect of his power.

Upon detecting her existence, Starok ventured there to recover her. Caiaphus, Ordak and Kulnak accompanied him on the mission. After the four Makuta fought off the base's Toa protectors and escaped through a wormhole to Fareste, Xikila watched them fight off a swarm of Parasitic Fluff as Kivalon telepathically commanded Vultraz to place armour for him in the Armour Fabrication Unit. After the swarm was vanquished and Kivalon gained a large set of armour before ripping it in half, Xikila inhabited the other half and shapeshifted it into a body. Kivalon then gave her her name, but she did nothing but stare at him.

After the group tuned into the radio to hear Malygos declare himself Emperor of the Universe, Caiaphus suggested they go to Ailyb-Gypte to meet with the Osirians. They forgot about Xikila, who stayed behind humming something to herself before vanishing in a puff of purple energy.