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Xigneo woke up on an unfamiliar planet. He didn't like people shooting at civilians.

He disappeared, then later woke up being strapped to a chair.



Xigneo was asleep for thousands of years. Meanwhile, his people were exploited for their awesome power. The leader of the last ever tribe remaining put the tribe to sleep to wait for a more peaceful era. They were put on a desolate starship, with technology no alien has ever known. The leader retracted all light covering the radius of the ship, which made it the phenomenon, "The Travelling Darkness." After all those years, they were awakened by a disturbance in the universe. The one that was guarding them had died, and so did the darkness. The people have forgotten their true name, so now they call themselves, "The Forgotten". They were once hailed as beings from above.

Though other members of his species did not appear, Xigneo showed up several times in the RPG. He was an ally of many of the characters, and helped them fight evil.

Uterio War[edit]

After disappearing for a short time, Xigneo returned. He was duped by Rahksha into thinking that the Army of the Great Beings was working towards a good cause, and he joined them. Xigneo help lead the forces at the Battle of Corrantia, but was accidentally killed by Blackout's troops in the battle. Later, his body was used by Turahk-Kah to provide information on who the Rebel Alliance traitor that gave Xigneo the information necessary to help defend the Corrantian fortress was.

From Xigneo's eager participation in the Uterio War, we can speculate that The Forgotten are involved with the Great Beings.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Flight - Xigneo could fly using his wings, though he was also seemingly able to fly without moving them.
  • Light Generation - Xigneo could generate large amounts of pure light capable of causing damage, burns, melting or even incineration.
  • Light Absorption - Xigneo could absorb light to rejuvenate himself. His wings were capable of absorbing large amounts of light, and he could absorb smaller amounts with his hands. Using this ability to its fullest potential could strip the area of all light completely, causing permanent darkness he referred to as the "Black Hole Phenomenon."
  • Regeneration - Xigneo was able to use absorbed light to heal his wounds.
  • Invisibility - Xigneo could easily bend light waves around his body, making him invisible.
  • Light Speed - Xigneo was somehow able to travel as fast as light by "riding on light waves". How this was achieved is unknown.
  • Luminescence - Xigneo could extrude light from every part of his body in a powerful blast, blinding nearby enemies and harming them severely. However, this drained most of his power when used.
  • Light Induction - Xigneo was able to imbue weapons with the power of light.
  • Light Constructs - Xigneo could form simple weapons out of pure light energy, though they could only be maintained as long as he was concentrating on them.


  • Xigneo's disappearance and death is attributed to the fact that he was the character of known spammer Alex Le.
  • Because of his contributions to the plot, he is NOT an extremely insignificant character.

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