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Xia was a heavily industrialized island in the Matoran Universe that was known for its production of weapons.


Xia was created by the Great Beings during the construction of the Matoran Universe as the homeland of the Vortixx species.[1]

On 100,079 CMT, the Brotherhood of Makuta was receiving much of their armaments from Xia, so the Dark Hunters invaded the island in an attempt to cut off the Brotherhood's weapons supply. The Brotherhood responded by launching an attack on the Dark Hunters which became known as the Battle of Xia. The Brotherhood won, but the events of this battle were erased from history by Blackout's usage of the Vahi Cube.[2]

Later, Jarr threatened Malygos with the destruction of Xia unless he was given raw protosteel. In response, Malygos sent Vahki to kill Jarr, but Jarr destroyed them and escaped to meet with his posse on an unknown island. After this meeting, one of Jarr's colleagues destroyed Xia on his orders.[3] The destruction of Xia caused one of the last armor-piercing heat guns in existence to be abandoned on the sea floor.[4]


  1. Assumed location history according to BS01
  2. Battle of Xia (revision on 20:32, Feb 17, 2012): "The Battle of Xia was fought between the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Dark Hunters over the island of Xia. The Dark Hunters attempted to invade Xia in order to cut off the BoM's weapon supplies, but were fought off. The entire Dark Hunter organization was dismantled as a result of this battle. Due to the Great Dataclysm/Blackout using the Vahi Cube to reverse time, all detailed records of this battle have been lost."
  3. Jarr (revision on 21:21, Nov 18, 2011): "Jarr tried to bribe Malygos: protosteel, and he wouldn't destroy Xia. However, when Malygos refused and sent Vahki to destroy him, the real problems began. Destroying the Vahki and escaping from the tower, Jarr went to an island with his posse for a meeting. After this, he quickly ordered one of his colleagues to destroy Xia, which he did."
  4. Armor-piercing heat gun (revision on 17:07, Feb 14, 2010): "Only three [armor-piercing heat guns] remain in existence: one formerly owned by Yassen Gregorovich and now in the possession of Ravat, one in the possession of Blackout, and one left on the sea floor after the destruction of Xia."

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