Wing Justice

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Wing Justice was the fusion of the Demicons who was automatically created when the individual Demicons were murdered by Strike Destiny. Their corpses fused together to form him in the depths of space immediately after they were killed, and Destiny had left the scene. However, Justice caught up to him and swore revenge. He drew his sword and slashed at Destiny, but it was blocked by his opponent's claws as he drew his own sword with his other hand. The tip of Justice's wing was cut off and he was kicked backwards as Destiny charged up his Buster Cannon, but Justice launched himself forwards and tore it apart. While Justice was distracted with the cannon, his opponent stabbed him through the chest, and they both crashed through the Nakamura. Dazed, Justice was promptly finished off by a shot through the head courtesy of Destiny's sniper rifle, which he had gained by switching to Omega Mode.

Wing Justice's corpse crashed into the Icy Planet below. Soon after, Vincente Valtieri assumed direct control of it, and began rebuilding the destroyed parts of Justice's body by tearing pieces off of the crashed Nakamura.


Physically, Wing Justice appeared almost identical to Strike Destiny, except he had a red and black colour scheme.