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Wayfarer is the result of Project Wayfarer, a secretive Ta'har experiment to grant six Ta'har the ability to physically fuse together by power of concentration, like many Solis Magnan species.


Wayfarer was first seen on-screen when the Wayfaring Ta'har merged together inside Hungry-man's giant floating log cabin on Tybion. He conveyed the Ta'har's shame at allowing joke characters to have a concert on Tybion in exchange for money, and demanded that they sacrifice themselves to them in acknowledgement of their sins. As his army fought the joke characters below, he engaged in an aerial battle with Hide the Pain Harold, whose pain had been revealed by the surrounding conflict. Wayfarer attacked Reveal-the-Pain Harry with eyebeams and claws, while Harry fought back with blasts of pure anguish, but eventually both of them sustained too much damage to continue the fight. Wayfarer split into his component Ta'har while Harry reverted to his original form.

The Ta'har that made up Wayfarer, including Ta'harva, have been stranded on Meme World following the crash of the cabin.