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The Warworld is a mobile artificial moon-sized satellite capable of destroying entire worlds.


The Warworld was commandeered by Vandal Savage and taken to Apokolips, despite the best efforts of the Justice League and the Team.[1]

In 150,083 CMT, Impulse discovered that Savage had taken the Warworld to Apokolips and rushed into the ruins of Mount Justice to tell Aqualad, Nightwing, and Miss Martian the news.[1] Aqualad decided that he would confer with the entire Justice League instead of Batman because the latter was absent,[2] so he used Mount Justice's Zeta Tube to teleport to the Justice League Watchtower.[3] There, Aqualad told Aquaman and Icon that the Team had discovered where Vandal Savage had taken the Warworld, which prompted them to gather the entire Justice League aboard the Watchtower to discuss how to respond to the news.[4]


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