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Wal Wal
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Wal Wal is one of the last thirteen members of the We'd Warriors.


Like the other We'd Warriors, Wal Wal is an extremely muscular, pitch black, seven-foot-tall man who does not bother to wear clothes. The whites of his eyes are blazed red from frequent exposure to We'd.[1]


Wal Wal was one of the last thirteen We'd Warriors, along with Abit, Jean-Paul, Richard, Wol, and their leader Old Man Ross. By 150,084 CMT, the last thirteen We'd Warriors had been exiled from Rhadan to the village of Dok on Dekan. With the exception of Old Man Ross, who settled into the village, Wal Wal and his comrades were locked in a cellar full of constantly burning We'd in order to maintain their abilities and to conceal them from their enemies.[2]

When an orcish villager approached Old Man Ross and told him that a giant boat-like spaceship was hovering over the village with presumably hostile intentions, Old Man Ross instructed the villager to evacuate Dok and to release his fellow We'd Warriors to combat the threat.[2] The villager carried out Ross's instructions and released the We'd Warriors, including Wal Wal, who all emerged from the cellar and went to look for Old Man Ross.[1]

The We'd Warriors then found Old Man Ross, but noticed that the enemy spaceship had been trapped in a time bubble. Wal Wal was perplexed and accused Old Man Ross of bringing the We'd Warriors out of hiding for nothing, but Ross informed Wal Wal that he was mistaken and contacted Lord Zrintch.[3] Old Man Ross asked Zrintch to send a ship to extract the We'd Warriors from Dekan because he could sense something wrong in the HahaJ'UsT-Seying force, which meant that the death of the Kugs on Dekan had "not been enough" to fix whatever problem Zrintch and his allies faced. Zrintch correctly guessed that Old Man Ross wanted the We'd Warriors to be taken to Rhadan.[4]

While Wal Wal and his allies waited for Zrintch's forces to pick them up, Boltman and the YONBOTS touched down in Dok to search it for traces of anime. The We'd Warriors hid in the foliage and watched as Boltman destroyed the time bubble generator, allowing time to progress in the area around Peacock's ship once more. Peacock killed Caster with a bullet to the head and challenged Boltman to a fight, but he soon killed her and Double, her friend on-board, with the help of the YONBOTS. With their enemies neutralized, the We'd Warriors decided that Boltman was no threat to them and emerged from the bushes. Wal Wal powered up and released a misty aura, which caught Boltman's attention and led him to the We'd Warriors. Wal Wal shook Boltman's hand and thanked him for his help in neutralizing the threats to Dekan; in response, Boltman thanked Wal Wal for his faith and left the planet with the YONBOTS. Wal Wal wished that he could have left Dekan with Boltman because the We'd Warriors were hated on Dekan. Old Man Ross then revealed to the We'd Warriors that Sinjon Wol had called him earlier that day to tell him that the Tiger Youth were about to raid Gaon Kug's palace on Rhadan. Wal Wal and Jean-Paul voiced their opinion that the We'd Warriors should be helping the Tiger Youth with the raid, so Ross assured them that a Cooperative ship would be on its way to Dekan to take the We'd Warriors there.[5]

The We'd Warriors were surprised to see that the ship that Zrintch had promised to send was his own personal vessel, which soon touched down in front of them in Dok. Zrintch informed the We'd Warriors that he would be taking them to a Cooperative convention instead of Rhadan because he needed the We'd Warriors to guard the meeting venue, a fact that angered them, but Zrintch assured them that he would take them all home once the meeting was over. Zrintch explained that he had chosen the We'd Warriors to guard the convention because he had more faith in their magic to protect him than he had faith in technology, which was something that Wal Wal agreed with. The We'd Warriors reluctantly agreed to Zrintch's terms and followed him into the ship, which then left Dekan on a course for the Cooperative convention venue.[5]