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Vulcanus as seen from the surface.
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Vulcanus is the home of the Fire Tribe on Bara Magna.


Vulcanus was originally part of the Bara Magna region of Spherus Magna. The Fire Tribe established Vulcanus as an outpost during the Core War, but it became their home village following the Shattering.[1]

In 100,080 CMT, Xeno agreed to meet Shika in the Vulcanus Arena. Xertus tried to strike up a conversation with Xeno, but when Xeno told him that he had a friend waiting for him in the Vulcanus Arena, Xertus replied that he "also had a meeting" and left.[2] Afterwards, an unidentified Vrai infiltrated Vulcanus and scanned Xeno's genetic structure for an unknown reason.[3]

Meanwhile, Kakamu travelled to Vulcanus in search of a new body to inhabit to prevent his antidermis from dissipating. Kakamu encountered a confrontational Glatorian, Tarnok, at the outskirts of the village, so Kakamu killed him and possessed his body. In the body of Tarnok, Kakamu began rounding up the inhabitants of Vulcanus in order to create an army[4] that would protect him from threats such as Sunstorm.[5]

Later that year, Vulcanus was destroyed when Makuta Blackout teleported a large quantity of unstable hadrium into the core of Bara Magna,[6] but the planet and Vulcanus were recreated by Yon and the Architect in 150,080 CMT.[7]


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