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This article is about the Living Star. For the alien species native to Conpiom, see Ventrus.
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Vrentus is a green-coloured Living Star who is a close ally of TBS and a trainer of Time Guardians.


War against Oblivion[edit]

When TBS wished to recruit Xigneo into the Sha'lythe Sect, he took the adventurer to the Forest of Lights to meet Vrentus. Upon handing him over to the green Living Star, Vrentus gave Xigneo the Living Star salute and explained to him why the Living Stars could not burn him at a distance, and why he could float freely in their realm. Afterwards, he took him to Oblivion to test his skills, as there were Daedra in that dimension who needed to be erased from time. Upon arriving there, they were met with Praepositus, who confused Vrentus with TBS. Vrentus demanded to know how the human knew the name of their "prince", and lit up his fist with fire, ready to strike Praepositus down. Praepositus responded that it was TBS who enchanted his sword Uredinum, and that Vrentus's distrust of him was dishonourable. This accusation of dishonour enraged Vrentus, who was about to crush the human commander into a fine mist before spotting the legion of approaching Daedra warriors on the horizon, led by their commander.

Distracted with his mission to destroy the army and their dimension of Oblivion, Vrentus flew off into the army, smiting the Daedra soldiers around him and slaying their leader. When he was satisfied, he used the full extent of his power to destroy the dimension, just as he teleported himself and Xigneo back to the Forest of Lights and to safety. Luckily for Praepositus, he escaped along with Rahksha and Praepediti by being sucked through the dimensional rip accidentally caused by Vrentus, which led them to Darkmount.

The Prophecy[edit]

Later, Vrentus met with TBS and approached Sun, to warn him of a shared prophecy that they had. The prophecy involved one of the Living Stars dying and their realm being breached by an unknown individual. Sun ignored the prophecy, believing it to be false and ridiculous, as Vrentus had already made sure that their realm was well-hidden and defended. Just in case, TBS introduced Vrentus to Flare, another Living Star warrior who had been encased in Parasitic Fluff in combat, and had mastered control over it. Vrentus expressed his amazement at this feat, and went off to rest.

Vrentus's prophecy was fulfilled one day as the Forest of Lights was breached by Eclipse and the Kra'lythe. Vrentus used his telepathic powers to determine how they breached it and where they were headed. He and the other Living Stars later left the Original Universe to travel through the BZPB Multiverse and absorb their counterparts to increase their power.


  • "This abomination will destroy everything you have known and loved, half-breed! I did no such thing. No code of honour? I have more honour that you, your father,
    and all the offspring you will never live to have combined!"
    - Vrentus resenting the accusation of him having no honour.
  • "While I am saving all of humanity, you as scum fight with one of the most powerful beings in time, but I have purpose. Uterio wants you to be his puppet, his drone. I will not kill you,
    but I assure your death will be caused by one not affiliated with The Blue Sun."
    - Vrentus mocking Praepositus and Rahksha's life choices.