Vrai mutation virus

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The Vrai mutation virus was a virus released by the Vrai on Stelt in 627 CMT in order to alter their DNA structure and begin a slow evolution process which would eventually cause the Steltians to become Vrai.

A syringe filled with it was among the various items stolen by Xeno before he detonated an experimental bioweapon, destroying Z'traa. He later replicated the Virus and created an accelerated version of it and attempted to use one of them against Tryxas and his soldiers, but the Vrai were merely blinded for a few moments, and the commander reminded Xeno that the virus converts beings into Vrai. The contents of the syringe turned to gas and converted several of the local animals into savage Vrai. They attacked Tryxas, distracting him long enough for Xeno and Shika to escape.