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Voya Nui
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Voya Nui is an island on Aqua Magna that was once part of the Matoran Universe.



Voya Nui was part of the Southern Continent of the Matoran Universe until a cataclysm caused it to break off from the mainland, blast through Mata Nui's outer shell, and settle on the surface of Aqua Magna to become an independent island. One day, the foundations of one of Voya Nui's coastal villages collapsed, which caused the area to break off from the rest of the island and sink beneath the waves. This settlement came to be known as Mahri Nui.[1]

At some point between 99,080 CMT and 100,060 CMT, Zev Raregroove travelled to the Green Belt of Voya Nui, but was followed by Blackout aboard the Nemesis. Blackout defeated several Hollows and proceeded to bomb the Green Belt out of existence with fusion bombs, which prompted Zev to rename it the "Grey Belt".[2][3]

In 100,079 CMT, Vorahk-Kah, Motrokh, and Muta moved into the Piraka Stronghold on Voya Nui and founded their new organization, the Fellowship of Kakamu, there. They began capturing people who used to know Kakamu, like Rabot, and took them to the Piraka Stronghold to interrogate them.[4] The Fellowship of Kakamu established a new base of operations elsewhere when the Piraka Stronghold was destroyed in an unknown event.[5]


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