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The Visorak were a species of venomous spider-like Rahi that inhabited the Matoran Universe.


The Visorak were created by Makuta Chirox at some point in the history of the Matoran Universe.[1]

On Toa Kremika's first mission for the Order of Mata Nui, he was assigned to investigate sightings of dangerous Rahi on an island south of Nynrah. He attempted to talk to the island's residents about these creatures, but those who had seen them were unable to identify them as anything that Kremika was familiar with. In the middle of one of these conversations, screams rang through the village, and he saw the onset of a Visorak horde so large that the sunset on the horizon had been blotted out by the thousands of Visorak scrambling over each other as they rampaged towards the village. Kremika tried to use his elemental powers to form a wall to block the horde, but it was too late and he was overwhelmed and cocooned by the Visorak. When he awoke the following day, Kremika broke his way out of the cocoon, but found that the village had been destroyed and his body had been horrifically mutated by the Visorak's venom. Kremika wordlessly quit the Order and went into self-imposed exile, disgusted by his failures and what he had become.[2]

In around 50,080 CMT, a contingent of Visorak and robots loyal to Ricochet were exiled with him to another dimension when Blackout thwarted Ricochet's bid to usurp power.[3]

Roodaka Shakes are made by purposefully agitating the venom of a mutant sub-species of Visorak.[4]

Alternate Universes[edit]


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