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SM Viriathus, or SMVi, is the version of Viriathus from the Shattered Mirror Universe. She is very similar to OU Viriathus, but vastly different all the same. After the same incident that crippled her universe's Zev Raregroove, related to something called the "Cauldron", Vi's mind was similarly warped.



She greatly resembles OU Vi, but has dark red fur instead of pale pink, and her lavender-purple eyes hold a certain empty quality in them - A lack of gleam and emotion. She wears a long black dress with expanded shoulders and no sleeves beyond that, black gloves that go up to her elbows, and a widebrimmed black hat with a netted veil hanging over her face.


After the "Cauldron Incident", it was said that this Vi heard the cries of all the life extinguished from a number of planets - She was one of the only five survivors. This left her mind... changed. She is very quiet, prone to humming an unknown tune and pausing awkwardly during conversations for long periods of time, simply staring. However, she still has some vestiges of her old personality, as her Namah's near-crying brought out a desire to help the Zev of her universe recover. Out of the group revealed so far, she seems closest to the Namah of the Shattered Mirror.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Clairvoyance: She has demonstrated some kind of ability to access knowledge that should be far beyond the scope of her senses - An example would be how she knew about the Meteorite Museum that the Original Universe's Ed, Vi, Moss, and others on The Bebop II were going to, as well as the fact that 'this' Ed could help them return their Zev - and possibly herself - to normal.
  • Perception Linking: With a simple contact like holding hands, this Vi is able to share her perception with another. This means that they can also see whatever she sees through her Clairvoyance. When combined with the Namah of the Shattered Mirror's ability of Scrying, the normal restriction that this Namah has - Having to have been to a place/seen a person before to view them - Can be bypassed.


  • This Vi's outfit greatly resembles that of traditional mourning clothes, somewhat of the United Kingdom. As well, the planet she was first seen on was essentially a giant graveyard. This could be tied to the mysterious Cauldron Incident, in which she heard the voices of countless lives before death.