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Vincente Valtieri
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Admiral Vincente Valtieri was the second-in-command of the Brotherhood of Steel and the leader of the Enclave, a rebellious splinter faction within the Brotherhood that aimed to overthrow its leadership. Vincente was also a Neyrwulv, a being from another dimension that could only survive in normal space by taking the body of another being as a host. He was traitorous and had a bitter rivalry with Naju.


Vincente, the Traitor[edit]

In 150,081 CMT, Vincente Valtieri learned that Naju had ordered some biometal from the Cartana Nebula for reasons unknown. Because Vincente was a Neyrwulv who had to change his host body every 3-6 months, he planned to intercept the shipment and steal the biometal so that he could run experiments on it to see if it could allow him to remain in a host body for longer. Vincente left four of his closest allies, three Ta'har named Morpheus, Takeshi, and Francois and a Makuta named Rez Vorax, in a bunker somewhere to await further orders while he left in search of a new host body for himself to inhabit before he proceeded with his plans.[1]

The disembodied Vincente found and inhabited the damaged corpse of Wing Justice on Alaine and used debris from the crashed Nakamura to rebuild it into a suitable form.[2] Once his new body was complete,[3] Vincente regrouped with Morpheus, Takeshi, Francois, and Rez Vorax and took a shuttle to the CCH-8 Prophecy-B, which carried Naju's biometal shipment, to meet with Jeremiah Peacecraft to discuss the biometal.[4]

Rendezvous on the Prophecy[edit]

After some small talk with Jeremiah, who complimented Vincente on his new body, the Enclave members sat down in the conference room with Jeremiah, Sarah Peacecraft, John Shepard, Kakamu, Trantoshen, and Muta to discuss the ownership of the biometal. Vincente claimed that Naju did not come to the meeting because he had been killed; therefore, as Vincente was the heir to the leadership of the Brotherhood of Steel, he wanted to claim the biometal for himself. Jeremiah refused to comply with Vincente's demands, which led to a standoff between the Enclave members and Jeremiah's crew that was only broken by the arrival of Naju in the form of Strike Destiny.[4]

Exposed as a liar, Vincente made a grab for the biometal, but Strike Destiny stopped him by using his twin swords to slice Vincente's face in half. The enraged Vincente swore revenge and had Francois carry him back into their shuttle - but not before Vincente attached a grenade to the underside of the conference table on which the biometal capsule was sat. As the Enclave members left the Prophecy and Vincente had Francois tend to his wounds, the grenade that Vincente planted aboard the Prophecy exploded, destroying the biometal capsule and causing the substance to spread across conference room. Kakamu and Strike Destiny were engulfed by biometal,[4] but the latter absorbed the rest into his Spark to ensure that it would not spread and contaminate anyone else.[5]

Rise of the Enclave[edit]

Elsewhere, Vincente used the codephrase "the tiger's claw is clenched" to gain permission to land in Tiger Base, an Enclave outpost. Upon arrival on the surface, Vincente ordered an Enclave general to broadcast Executive Order 117 to the entire Brotherhood of Steel fleet in orbit of the planet, which would alert Enclave members that the time had come for them to declare war against the Brotherhood of Steel. Vincente proceeded to an underground bunker beneath Tiger Base and transmitted a formal declaration of war to Brotherhood of Steel members.[6]

Next, Vincente had Morpheus obtain a significant amount of biometal and use it to create a pool in front of his throne in the underground bunker. Vincente ordered Morpheus to enter the pool first to test that it was safe: Morpheus agreed on the condition that he was allowed to take a data card about anti-aircraft tanks into the pool with him. Morpheus retrieved the relevant data card from Tiger Base's library and returned with three other cards that he then handed to Vincente, Takeshi, and Francois: Vincente's card was about the Russian T-90 tank. Vincente did not understand the purpose of this exercise until Morpheus entered the pool and emerged with the ability to transform into an anti-aircraft tank, which was the subject of his data card. Vincente was amazed, and after Takeshi and Francois had been similarly transformed by the biometal, Vincente entered the pool and emerged with a new black, red, and gold color scheme and the ability to turn into a T-90 tank. Vincente and his allies then left to get revenge against Strike Destiny and his minions.[7]

However, before Vincente could have his revenge, the ZFT launched an unexpected attack on the Enclave and obliterated their bases with Arrow N40 missiles.[8] Vincente was presumed killed in the attack,[9] but his body was found intact and was recovered by Project Cadmus.[10]