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Home Reality

Velt was a warrior who accompanied TMV and Artroe on their adventures.


Little is known about Velt's life save for the fact that he accompanied TMV and Artroe on their adventures. On one occasion, Velt was present at Zev Raregroove's location when Caiaphus teleported Klak and Muta next to them. Velt and Artroe almost fought Klak, but Klak escaped to Zev's side before they could.[1]

Velt's controller, User TMV, left BZPB in a rage, so Velt was forgotten about for a long time. Because of this, Velt, TMV, and Artroe all ended up in the Void, which is where the Users used to send forgotten characters. In the Void, the three warriors met a Deoxys and a number of other Pokémon, who had been sent there by Blackout. Hilarity was said to ensue.[2]

At some point, Project Cadmus acquired a genetic sample of Velt and used it to create a clone, Vellt. Vellt introduced himself to Figlio di Armechio as a clone of the "known warrior" Velt who was searching for his friend, Artroe.[3]


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