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Vauer was a mysterious alien who once gave Kratos a lift. Upon reaching the edge of the universe, he was chased and consumed by the Black Cloud.


Vauer, like the other two known members of his species, resembled a bipedal, scaly red dragon with four arms. He had three eyes, sharp teeth and whiskers on his face. Whatever substance he breathed was given to him via a tank on his back which had a hose protruding from it into his neck. He carried a simple rifle for protection.


Vauer belonged to a group of aliens who parked their ship on an abandoned space station once. They were lost in the sector, and needed the assistance of the space station's "leader" in finding a map of it. When they parked on the station, Vauer stayed in the ship while his two allies, Yaher and Haer, explored the station. They bumped into Kratos while there, who explained to them that the station was abandoned and him with it. Kratos then asked Yaher if he could take their ship to fly to the edge of the universe. Yaher told Kratos to go to the ship and talk to Vauer, who would most likely comply. Vauer voiced his disbelief at Kratos wanting to travel to the edge of the universe, but nevertheless complied and the two left in the ship.

After Vauer had dropped Kratos off, he opened a communication with Haer and Yaher, who were still at the station. The two told Vauer that they had had no luck in finding a map of the sector. Vauer voiced his disappointment but was then attacked by a massive galaxy-eating entity at the edge of the universe, so he was forced to deactivate the ship's systems and float in space until the threat had passed. It wasn't long until the Black Cloud reached Vauer's ship and consumed it.


  • "Indeed, man of much rage. I am pilot, and they will contact me back when is needed. For now, I scratch your back, then maybe you can scratch mine if needed, aye?" - Vauer giving a favour to Kratos, should they meet again
  • "Edge of Universe? Madness! I will take you as far as can, but do not expect me to be able to go to the very edge, madman!" - Vauer being the latest person to inform Kratos of his insanity