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"Tell me... what do you remember?"
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A sword
The 4500X
Home Reality
"Hello sir I am VMT from the oppisite dimintion as this where Zev is the evil warlord and you are the crazy concuestador. Exept there he took over where you couldn't here."
VMT to Blackout

VMT was the version of TMV from the Unireverse. Instead of being a "spirit of light" like his counterpart, VMT appeared to be shadow-themed.


In 150,080 CMT, VMT first appeared on Atlantis in front of Blackout. He introduced himself to Blackout and explained that he was from the "oppisite dimintion" [sic], but Blackout ignored him completely. He remained on Atlantis during the Battle of Lantea, but did not participate in the battle. Instead, he began scavenging parts from ships that were destroyed during it in order to escape. Eventually, he succeeded in creating a ship of his own.[1]

In 150,082 CMT, VMT was still present on Lantea, but he had since moved his activities to the planet's forest. One day, Wipeout emerged from a portal and began to explore the forest, but VMT hit him in the back with a shadow bolt, which caused Wipeout to knock his head on a rock and fall unconscious.[2] VMT then dragged Wipeout to a cave and tied him to a chair in order to interrogate him. When Wipeout awoke, he recognized VMT, who asked Wipeout why he had come. Wipeout refused to answer (but pointed out that VMT now had a better grasp of the English language than he remembered). The two of them soon came to realize that they weren't getting any answers out of each other, so Wipeout cut his bonds and threw his chair at VMT. VMT responded with a blast of shadow, which caused their battle to escalate into a fistfight.[3] Unfortunately, they realized they weren't getting anywhere by doing that either, so Wipeout shot VMT with his wrist blaster, which blew him out of the cave and off a cliff. Wipeout then discovered VMT's ship, which he christened the "4500X", and used it to escape.[4]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Shadow Energy - VMT demonstrated the ability to fire blasts of elemental shadow energy.