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Marshal Uteria is the female Shattered Mirror Universe counterpart of Uterio di Armechio. She is the commander of the SMU armies involved in Operation: Firestorm.


When Uteria heard that Barricade had ordered the troops to prepare for Firestorm without telling her first, she summoned him, berated him, and shot him with a shadow blast. She then gave the army an inspiring speech.

After the Bouncy-Ball had successfully landed on a planet in the normal universe, Uteria contacted its captain, Shockwave, and asked how everything was going. Shockwave mentioned that, even though a member of his crew, Masaharu had been captured by the human defenders of the planet, everything was going well, and that the DAL robots had cleared a sufficient area for the Shattered Mirror II to be sent to the original universe.


  • Uteria looks just like Roodaka, but with gold armour.