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User ~Bitil~
Home Reality
This article is about the User native to BZPower. For the Brotherhood of Makuta member of a similar name, see Bitil.

User ~Bitil~ was a User native to BZPower who contributed to the BZPB Multiverse.


~Bitil~ shot John the Gadunka with a Cordak Blaster when John tried to eat him, so John ran away crying.[1][2]


  1. The Users (revision on 20:28, Nov 02, 2011): "The Users are a group of beings who live on the BZP Planet and created the multiverse. They include: [...] User Bitil".
  2. John the Gadunka (revision on 11:29, Dec 03, 2011): "[John] then tried to eat ~Bitil~ "over and over again", only to be shot with a Cordak. He then ran away crying."