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User Redwolf is a User who was first seen emerging from a universally-ignored room in the User HQ after he was killed on DayZ.

He suddenly had a brilliant idea, and with a "Let there be vodka!", crates of vodka appeared next to all of the main Users, no matter what they were doing. However, he quickly got bored as he had thrown his computer out of the window after being killed on DayZ, so he decided to kick down the door to User Kon's room. Kon offered to take Redwolf to Poland to get him a new computer, so he teleported him there. They were then joined by User MK and were attacked by a group of robots.

Physically, User Redwolf appears to be human, with a black hoodie over a red shirt that says "Don't be beech, be Russian!". He also wears blue jeans, black combat boots and a black Ushanka hat. He has a Russian accent, and sometimes speaks in his native tongue.

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