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User Kon
Captain Obvious
At least 250,000 in OU years
Several BZPower Staff members
Home Reality

User Kon, also known as 'Kon', 'KoN' or 'Captain Obvious', is a User.


User Kon was one of the Users who created the BZPB Multiverse, and would frequently step inside it to observe its development. He rarely interferes with events, but has been seen doing so on occasion, such as when he tricked Kakamu into creating Trantoshen.

He also had the idea to create Konta, his test account which would later turn out to be quite useful. He also created Dr. Hax to deal with god-modders.

When Blackout found his way to the BZPower planet, he appeared in front of MakutaKlak, being recognized by Kon. Blackout began draining his energy. Kon locked him in a Toa Seal, which crumbled almost immediately. He then frantically wrote a PM to Black Six asking for help, but Blackout knocked him out with a bolt of lightning, and sent him via a portal to Makuhero City. This annoyed him very much. He went to an internet cafe and accessed the BZPB topic, but then a robot appeared behind him, pointed a gun at him and told him to step away from the computer. The robot then stunned Kon and hijacked a Hero Factory ship, and took Kon to a Dalek ship. He was surrounded by Daleks, but Konta got him out. This was later ignored, and Kon was still surrounded by Daleks, when they were taken out by an explosion and a portal opened. Kon naturally ran into the portal, and found himself in a prison cell on David Robert Jones' ship. Jones then walked into the room, and gloated about how Kon had walked right into his trap. Kon demanded to know what was going on, so Jones told him that he was now a prisoner of ZFT, and left.

Kon then threw a fireball at the force field around his cell. The fireball bounced off and hit him in the face, leaving him rolling around on the floor. Two ZFT guards then grabbed him and injected him with something, making him fall asleep.

When Kon woke up, he was tied to a chair, and someone behind him started gloating. The Visitor then appeared, and Kon was shocked. The Mysterious Creature then walked towards Kon, and he asked what the hell it was. Then MakutaYnot arrived and freed Kon. They were then chased by the Mysterious Creature but escaped to Shinobi-Nui. Coincidentally, Muta had teleported there with a writhing Trantoshen (who was carrying a copy of Kakamu's consciousness). Kon spotted them and complained that they weren't supposed to be there yet, but seeing as they were, he decided to help them by pointing out a protodermis pool. He also encouraged Muta to throw Trantoshen in. He did so, and Kakamu's consciousness was separated from his son's and gained a new, albeit dying, body.

Before they could thank him, Kon teleported to Klak's company as they were preparing to siege Impel Down and initiate the Second Battle of Impel Down. He offered his assistance, which was gladly accepted. During the battle, Kon destroyed one of the walls to the General with a creation blast and killed several of his soldiers via the same method. He tried to take out the General by slam-dunking another creation blast on his face, but he was sent flying across the room by the General's Mjolnir instead. Suddenly, Set appeared and killed the General before stealing Mjolnir and using it to finish off Treveya before escaping. Kon was surprised at her death and paid his respects at the scene instead of attending her funeral. He was seen leaving the scene on board the Ironclad.

Later, when the Architect was having a nervous breakdown, Kon sent his test account over to him. It's a good thing he did, because Konta was then shot.

He then participated in the Battle of the BZP Staff HQ alongside the Architect. He managed to defeat some admins including Dorek. After the war, he decided that being a part of BZPB was too dangerous, so he took his characters out of the OU and disappeared, only to be brought back from retirement as he wasted his pension on virtual headgear and put everything back in its place.

He hasn't really done much since that happened except move Yon from Liquid-Metallicon to the Stouttish Islands, as requested by User Nif. Later still, he travelled to Space Poland with MK and User Redwolf to get Red a new computer.

In the far, far future, he is killed by Ynot with a quick blow to the back of the head.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

When the BZPower planet existed in the Internet Dimension, his powers were unknown, but ever since the planet was merged with the Original Universe, Kon gained access to all kinds of powers. Powers that he has been seen demonstrating are teleportation, fireball creation and Toa Seal creation.

Physically, Kon looks somewhat like a human, except his face is always covered with a metal mask that looks like a Noble Hau. He wears a grey waterproof coat with a broken yellow pencil poking out of a chest pocket. He wears exoskeleton-esque leg braces on his legs, and white trainers.


  • "Thank god that you came and- OH MY GOODNESS WHO SAID MILKSHAKE?!" - Kon's priorities when the Users were being abducted by the ZFT.

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