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A sketch of Ursakune by User:ShroomX2
Grizzly bear / spirit
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Ursakune was originally Shroom's well trained pet grizzly bear, however, he was changed when the old spirit of a dying creature chose to enter the bear's body in a symbiotic relationship.



Ursakune is a tall, muscly grizzly bear that prefers to walk on it's hind legs. His claws are longer than a normal bear, and his eyes sometimes glow silver with the spirit inside his body. It seems that Ursakune does not need to move his mouth to formulate speech, as his voice emanates from within. His voice also bears a striking similarity to Morgan Freeman's.


Ever since the spirit entered Ursakune's body, he has been a strange mix of a wise and intellectual being, and pure animal instincts. This strange combination is because of the fact that Ursakune's and the spirit's consciousness' were fused into one.



Originally, Ursakune was an ordinary grizzly bear who Shroom trained to perform tricks for him. When Shroom was taken aboard the Bebop II, he used one of his rings to summon Ursakune to impress Makoto Nanaya. At Shroom's command, Ursakune stood on his hind legs and started dancing happily in front of the two, but was suddenly struck down by a mysterious light. When Ursakune rose again, he spoke, revealing that a wandering spirit had entered his body in order to escape death. During the possession, the spirit's mind had merged with the bear's, creating a singular entity that had the spirit's intelligence and wisdom as well as the bear's sense of loyalty and ferociousness. The new Ursakune announced this to Shroom, and also revealed that before the merger, his spirit was 4783 years old. The spirit's general friendliness and Makoto's excitement convinced Shroom to accept the situation.

Ursakune was then re-introduced to Moss, Chrome Dokuro and Gufo di Nebbia. Afterwards, they went to the training room and fought against each other in a massive free-for-all. Once the fight was over, Ursakune wandered off to another part of the ship.


Later, when Blackout took over the Ironclad with Shroom still on board, Shroom used one of his rings to summon Ursakune to his side.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

When the spirit fused with Ursakune, he gained access to several new powers:

  • Illusion Detection - Ursakune can easily identify illusions and dispel them with powerful blasts of light.
  • Shockwave Creation - Ursakune can also create powerful shockwaves that blast outwards in all directions from his body, though he usually creates them through roars.
  • Stone Pillars - In the Bebop II's training room, Ursakune demonstrated the ability to create stone pillars seemingly out of thin air. By smashing the ground, stone pillars rose up in front of him to protect him from attack.
  • Telepathy - Ursakune is also telepathic. He could look into Moss's mind and view her childhood memories with ease.