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All Uterio War combatants
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Ultron was a robot created by Angonce and other Great Being scientists to study all of the combatants of the Uterio War, and kill them once the war is over. He was successful with many before being destroyed at Ragnarok.

For more on Ultron, see this page.

Targets and their statuses[edit]

  • Certain Malchiorians of RacKoon City: Dead (while being infected with the plague).
  • Nadle: Heavily weakened him and nearly killed him.
  • Blackout: Alive; only attacked as part of an experiment.
  • Klak: Alive; attacked as part of experiment.
  • Uterian Base on Corrantia: All remaining soldiers wiped out.
  • Vrai Colony 626 on Neo Z'Traa: Dead, wiped out by nukes.
  • Pirate Lord Ksomta: Wiped out along with all of the crew.
  • Ynot: Simple test. Both found themselves to be of equal power level.
  • Perseus: Another test. Ultron found that he could not imitate the power of the Platinum Lanterns.
  • Victims he killed in Ragnarok.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

The RPG's version of Ultron contained most of his powers and motives from the comics and "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" TV show, with influence from A.M.A.Z.O. from "Justice League" and other killer robots. This combination made him one of the deadliest of the villains.

Basically, he had super-strength, an encephalo-ray, extreme intelligence, and the ability to copy many character's powers. He was not able to prevent Books LLC's copying, however.

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