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Ultron (Dark Universe) is Ultron's Dark Universe counterpart. He is a robot created by Shockwave.


Ultron and John Sheppard were sent by Shockwave to retrieve Le Chiffre after he had failed to report in. They found him on Vassilan, being taken for interrogation by Nyatera's drones. Ultron then took Nyatera with them to the Dark Universe, and then led her to a cell onboard Cluster One.

Later, MECH made their first incursion into the Original Universe by invading the ZFT fortress of Demon's Run. Ultron was part of the attacking force, and killed many guards.

Ultron made another appearance on Bara Magna, where he invaded a Vrai laboratory and stole the control codes to Marendar, a robot built by the Great Beings to kill Toa.

Finally, Ultron was sent to assassinate Coro and Chocoman, but after a brief battle Ultron was deactivated. Chocoman examined his internal mechanisms, noting he was unlike anything he'd ever seen before.

Chocoman soon got bored with Ultron, and dumped him into space. He remained there for several years, until he was possessed by a being in the form of a pink cloud. He travelled to Malchior IV, and after repairing his face he attacked a military convoy. He fought them for a while, and then suddenly surrendered and allowed himself to be taken to their home base and imprisoned. While he was being taken to the base, he released a small robotic bug, which injected one of the soldiers with nano-bots. The nano-bots entered the soldier's brain and allowed Ultron to control his mind.