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The Mazkertis Paradox

The UG is a pocket universe used by the version of Monarch from the Dark Universe for the purpose of storing his captured victims.


The UG itself was created by the Universal Union of the Combine to store soldiers that were not currently in operation. One day, the Combine's attention was drawn to a resonance cascade in the Dark Universe, so the soldiers in the UG were extracted to aid in the Combine's domination of this newly discovered universe. Unfortunately for them, a human scientist calling himself "Monarch" managed to find the location of the UG and infect the Combine's teleportation systems with a technological virus that prevented them from returning to it. Monarch found himself owning a vast but empty pocket dimension, but because he could find no use for it, he left it be.

Eventually the time came when Monarch's laboratory was discovered by the forces of Dukamu, and Monarch himself was killed by one of his agents, the DU version of Adam Monroe. However, Monroe was so impressed by Monarch's skills and technology that he took his name for himself. Monroe eventually discovered the UG through the original Monarch's technology, and Dukamu saw it as an opportunity to store an army of his own.

Monarch began collecting beings of power from several universes that he was aware of, and enlisted a organization of mercenaries to watch over it in his absence. One day while tampering with its control interface, the mercs accidentally caused it to break through to the Original Universe. When there, the UG collapsed in on itself and began sucking in all sorts of random characters nearby. Not knowing what to do, the mercs decided to have fun by pitting the captured victims against each other in fights to the death. When Monarch returned and discovered what happened, he was furious, and so turned the mercenaries from overseers into enslaved inhabitants of the UG before fixing it up and returning it to its rightful place in the void. He then sealed the vortex in the OU that led to it, and built the control interface into his suit so that only he could control it.

The environment, appearance, location and size of the dimension can be changed and controlled by Monarch. The original control interface was used by the mercs to make the UG resemble Linkit once, though its default setting is that of the interior of a Combine citadel.

Known Inhabitants[edit]

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