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Turahk-Kah was the Shattered Mirror Universe version of Vorahk-Kah, who arrived in our universe as part of the preparations for the second invasion of it. Somehow, he joined the ZFT, and received the codename "Agent 049". His powers included Fear, Disintegration and Telepathy, amongst many others.


Turahk-Kah's first appearance was on Malchior IV after the end of the massive set-up that was the Battle of Corrantia, along with Blackout, David Robert Jones and TPK. He wore a hood and robes to hide his true identity. Under orders from Jones, he sent a telepathic message to Namah and Yoruichi Shihouin. Klak then pushed past them and walked towards the rebel HQ. The ZFT delegation then also walked into the HQ, carrying things like two weird metal helmets, wiring, and Xigneo's corpse. Turahk-Kah then removed his disguise and introduced himself, put one of the helmets on Xigneo's head, connected it to a generator, and asked if anyone would like to wear the second helmet.

After Klak volunteered, and Kakamu was framed as a traitor, Turahk's role was done. After the Uterio War had ended, Kah sent a message to the SMU, telling them to prepare for war.

Turahk was then ordered to assassinate Blackout and David Robert Jones so that they couldn't interfere with Operation: Firestorm. He attempted to do so, but Jones fried him with a lightning bolt and Blackout crushed his head, killing him.