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Julio (brother)
In stasis in the UG
Home Reality

Tulio was a Knight of the Great Beings and one of Uterio di Armechio's closest associates, along with Rahksha. He was also Julio's brother.


At some point during his career as a Knight, Tulio was spotted by Uterio, who made him his left-hand man alongside Rahksha. He accompanied them on many missions, and was there when Uterio was told by D-Klak about the threat Blackout and Caiaphus posed.

He followed Caiaphus into the Shattered Mirror Universe, and ordered him to leave that world alone. The Makuta complied, and Tulio returned to his home universe, just in time to find D-Klak watching a battle between Blackout and Zev Raregroove. He tried to punish D-Klak and get him to return to Uterio's service, but he was swiftly defeated. D-Klak told him to leave them alone, and then disappeared.

Later, Tulio was present when D-Klak and Nadle brought 12 Apprentices of Caiaphus to Uterio's ship. Uterio ordered D-Klak to remain with him, making the Kestora very angry. When the ship was dragged towards BZPower by a plothole opened by Blackout, Klak and Nadle spotted their chance, and teamed up with the Apprentices to fight Uterio and his men. Tulio tried to fight Rahn, but the Apprentice impaled the Knight on his own spear.

When he died, Tulio found himself in the UG, where he made an alliance with Akzer, Tidal Wave, and his killer, Rahn, in order to escape the tournament. Unfortunately for him, he did not managed to escape the pocket dimension before DU Monarch returned and put an end to the tournament. DU Monarch trapped Tulio in stasis in his own cell in the UG, waiting for a time when he would become useful.

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