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Lady Tsunami, or Tsunami-kami-sama (lit. "Spirit Lady Tsunami" in Japanese), is one of the three Chousin sisters responsible for the protection of the fundamental forces of the BZPB Multiverse. Tsunami is the Chousin who was assigned to maintain the correct flow of Time across the entire multiverse. She takes an optimistic and motherly approach to her task and thinks with the best interests of the multiverse's inhabitants in mind.


The Goddess of Time[edit]

Tsunami was created by the Users (or just one of them) shortly before the formation of the BZPB Multiverse. Each of them were tasked with protecting and regulating a specific aspect of reality: Tsunami's task was to maintain the flow of time across the multiverse. In addition, the Creator Supreme (the Architect) entrusted the Chousin with another, shared mission before the creation of the multiverse, but what this mission was remains unknown.[1]

From within the Hyperdimension, a realm from which the Chousin could observe all of reality, Tsunami protected the flow of time across the multiverse for countless millennia. On the occasions where the Chousin discovered a threat to more than one aspect of reality, Tsunami would meet with her sisters in the Hyperdimension, where the three of them would act as a living tribunal with ultimate jurisdiction over the BZPB Multiverse (second only to the Users themselves). However, for most of the rest of the time, the Chousin worked as individuals.[1]

Encounters with Zev[edit]

In 150,080 CMT, Zev Raregroove told Malygos that Tsunami was one of the Chousin, a trio of deities from the Eleventh Dimension (Hyperdimension) who created the universe and all of the dimensions of the multiverse (although the latter part of this claim was incorrect).[2][3][4] Washu later told Tokimi that Tokimi must have gone too long without speaking to Tsunami, because she had become even more of a (bitch) in Tsunami's absence.[5]

Tsunami (right) and her sisters gathered around the aleph point of the Hyperdimension.

Later that year, Misaki Raregroove transformed into the Counter-Actor while exacting revenge against a clan of ogre-like beings who were accused of plotting against Zev. After Washu teleported the Counter-Actor to Tokimi's pocket dimension, the three Chousin assembled in an attempt to calm her down. Tsunami implored Misaki to calm down because of what Zev would think if he saw her, but the Counter-Actor violently backhanded and stunned her. This conflict was resolved when Washu located Zev and teleported him to the dimension; his presence was sufficient to sooth the Counter-Actor's rage and revert her to the form of Misaki Raregroove.[6]

In the midst of the Uterio War, Zev and his allies discussed who they could recruit to help them combat the Great Beings.[7] Zev realized that he might be able to gain the assistance of Tsunami and Tokimi, so he telepathically shared this idea with Viriathus. Seconds after Zev made this suggestion, his telepathic message was painfully hijacked by Tokimi, who spoke to Zev and his group from within her personal dimension. Tokimi informed Zev that whether or not the Chousin decided to intervene would not be decided by him, and in cases like the Uterio War, his purpose was to observe and record its events instead of getting involved in the conflict. However, Tokimi said that because Uterio was endangering the Architect's work, Zev was permitted to fight, as long as he did not condemn himself to death in doing so.[8]

The Mazkertis Paradox[edit]

In 150,084 CMT, the Chousin were alerted to the fact that Dukamu had gained access to Knowledge Dimension and was attempting to locate its aleph point, so Tsunami teleported there to stop him. Tsunami was almost killed in the battle that followed but combined her powers with those of her sisters to banish Dukamu from the dimension. Dukamu then returned to the UG pocket dimension, where he began to empower himself even further to win the next battle, so the Chousin had no choice but to contact the Users themselves to deal with the threat.[9] In response, Users Kon and MK sent the UG, the location of Dukamu and his allies, into the far future to be dealt with at a later date, allowing the Chousin to focus on other threats to the integrity of the BZPB Multiverse.[10] Tsunami feared that this was an imperfect solution because Dukamu could employ the services of a time traveller to return to the present, but dismissed these fears to focus on her duties and correct the distortions in time that had become more and more frequent thanks to Mazkertis and others.[9]

Because more and more characters were becoming aware of the Knowledge Dimension's existence, the Chousin assigned several Dimensional Caretakers to monitor the dimension to prevent unwanted intrusions.[9]

On Day 4 of The Mazkertis Paradox arc, Tsunami, Tokimi, and Washu gathered in the Hyperdimension to share what they had learned about Mazkertis, the latest threat to the stability of the BZPB Multiverse. Tsunami divulged to her sisters that the Users had forbidden her from looking into the timeline of the Dark Mirror Universe, but that she had learned of Mazkertis's history and intentions. Tsunami voiced her fears that Mazkertis's manipulation of the timelines of both the OU and the DMU could cause fixed events in time, such as the Uterio War, the Pandorica crisis, and Malygos's Ascension, to be a hundred times worse. She added that, because the OU's timeline was already fragile thanks to the actions of F-Klak, F-Blackout, and Ynot, Mazkertis could cause the timeline to unravel completely if he was not stopped.[11]

Washu pondered what the Time Guardians were doing in the midst of this crisis, so Tsunami informed her that they had vanished and that the only man they had sent to take on Mazkertis (Quolas) had disappeared. However, Tsunami was optimistic because some of the universe's most powerful beings, such as Blackout, Malygos, Ynot, and the Claws of the Phoenix had joined forces to stop Mazkertis. Washu asked Tsunami what she saw in the future, but she could not envision a precise outcome to the conflict because of the immense variables involved. The Chousin agreed to bide their time and further assess the situation before taking any kind of action.[11]

On Day 12, Tsunami reconvened with her sisters in the Hyperdimension and revealed that she had discovered what had happened to the Living Stars of the Original Universe. Tsunami shared her memories of this discovery with her sisters via a memory tablet. Tokimi and Washu were understandably shocked that the Living Stars had abandoned their posts to absorb their counterparts and increase their power, so Tsunami suggested that they should go to the Knowledge Dimension's aleph point to find them and bring them back. Washu teleported Tsunami and herself to the Knowledge Dimension while Tokimi was teleported to Quolas's location on Malchior IV.[9]

Tsunami and Washu were admitted into the aleph point of the Knowledge Dimension and found the Living Stars after scanning 26 universes. Through the aleph, Tsunami watched TBS absorb an alternate version of Eclipse and expressed her concern that he was corrupting himself by absorbing alternate Eclipses because it meant that more and more chaotic energy was being added to his body.[9]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Time Manipulation: Tsunami has ultimate control over creation's "y-axis": Time. She is able to see anywhere in the past or future, although in the especially distant future, even her great clairvoyance starts to become hazed. Also, she is unable to see when the BZPB Multiverse will come to an end. Tsunami can manifest, in certain ways, anywhere in the timestream of any universe.[1]
Though Tsunami is rooted in the present, she can influence the past. Also, she can stop the flow of time for as long as she likes and can freely turn it backwards and forwards simultaneously in one place. One of Tsunami's most potent applications of this power is the creation of indefinite time loops that work by removing a section of time and "connecting" the two "ends", so that as soon as the end of that section is reached, it starts over again from that section's beginning. Tsunami is said to use this technique to postpone great dangers.[1]
It is important to note that the reach of Tsunami's powers depends on which dimension she is inhabiting. In the Hyperdimension, which exists above and beyond the boundaries of the standard universes of the BZPB Multiverse, Tsunami is able to use her powers to alter the flow of time on a multiversal scale because she can view the entire multiverse through the Hyperdimension's aleph point and extend her power through it. Alternatively, if Tsunami's physical form is inhabiting a singular universe in the Third Dimension (for example, the Original Universe), she can only use her powers to alter the timeline of that universe, because she would not able to view the entire multiverse in front of her like she can when in the Hyperdimension.[1]


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