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Vrai Empire
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Tryxas was a Vrai military commander sent to Bara Magna to capture Xeno. He was grey and dark brown-colored, with jet black hair.


Tryxas was sent to Bara Magna to capture Xeno. He managed to ambush Xeno and Shika on a mountain and destroyed a syringe that Xeno was holding. Suddenly, an accelerated version of the Vrai mutation virus leaked out of the syringe, momentarily blinding Tryxas and his soldiers, allowing Shika and Xeno to escape to a cave higher up the mountain and Xeno to kill the pilot of the Vrai cruiser using a sniper rifle. This angered Tryxas, who ordered the tactical officer of his ship to fire a concussion blast at the mountain, blowing the upper part of it apart. Xeno and Shika escaped, and the Vrai soldiers were suddenly attacked by four extremely aggressive Vrai created thanks to Xeno's use of an accelerated version of the Vrai mutation virus. Tryxas shot three of them, and managed to throw the last one off a cliff, and was about to order his troops to go after Xeno and Shika, only for Artrix and her troops to arrive, and kill him and his troops.